About The Authors

Anne Rhys
Is an introvert and aspiring independent publisher who loves, chai tea, reading, writing, and ranting about LOTR. She enjoys her child care provider duties, cool air (despite living in the desert), rain, and baking.
 Every day she discovers just how much she loves writing and what it means to be a Child of God. She would love to someday teach the joys of creative writing and reading. You can find her at her blog here: https://aaablogfathersjoy.wordpress.com/
She loves comments and feedback from other people!

Anne has recently been working on several projects that include a novel, snippet series, a detective story in the form of snail mail, and she has a goal of writing as many short stories (no matter the length), as she can this year! You can read some of those stories, as well as interviews of other creatives at her blog here!

Natalie Marie
is a twenty-five year old writer, sister, poet, and a self-published author. Between working, selling her first poetry book, and chatting on the online writing group known as the Young Writers Workshop, she can be seen either working on writing her new book, writing on her own personal blog, frommyautisticheart.com, she can be seen at her favorite coffee shop, sipping on a cup of her favorite coffee while either chilling with friends, working on her projects and blog, or a combination of all of the above. Introvert by nature, give her a pen, paper, and an inspiration, and she will not shut up.  With all of her achievements, she still remembers that God is the number One person in her life and that she owes her life to Him. Or as she would tell you, while using her favorite song by Colton Dixon, she knows that God is still her God Through All Of It.

Natalie is currently working on her second book, "The Adventures of Skylar Morgan". With this fictional story, her hope and prayer is the ability to shed some light on the autism spectrum through the eyes of  an autistic person with situations based off of her own experiences. On top of this new writing project, and writing for Writers Of Elysian, she's currently working on selling her first book, A World Through Autistic Eyes  and writing on her personal blog, Across The Spectrum where she posts both articles, poems, and anything else that is close to her heart.

Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know so extraordinary a God.” These words, spoken by Jim Elliot, embody James’s mission. He strives to overcome ordinary boundaries and do the extraordinary through God’s power. He enjoys working at a local Christian bookstore, a job where he can encourage and uplift others while at the same time learning valuable life skills. He has also campaigned for various Christian political candidates, volunteered at a local radio station, and managed his church’s audio visual department. James loves writing because through it he can work to further the kingdom of God, while having fun in the process. He does not want to be just another teenager; he wants to be used by God to do incredible things.  

Karissa Bird
is a sixteen-year old dreamer, photographer, and writer who firmly believes that every good meal deserves a good book and every rainy morning a cup of tea. She loves to write intense books and sad short stories, although she likes to read happy ones. Her ultimate goal in life is to continually be a Christ-follower and a missionary. Aside from capturing each exciting or boring day through a camera lens or a pencil, she longs to make every moment count for Jesus!  One day she hopes to start her own school for children who wouldn't get a Biblical worldview otherwise. That and the fact that she might get to decorate her own bulletin board make it an inspiring goal to accomplish. 
Although self-proclaimed an introvert, she does love to talk through writing! You can find her little hideaway on the internet here.  Comments are her favorite thing so you should write one!
Karissa Bird has been writing her whole life, but has recently begun writing seriously. She is working on a fictional fantasy book for her first time, called “Land Uncharted.” She is guarding the first draft with her life, but if you want to read it, just ask. Ultimately she longs to be an author who has published both a fictional series and a nonfictional teen inspirational book called “This is Life: Seeking Adventure in the Teen Years.” She updates weekly about her life and pours out her heart on her blog here.

Arella Noreen
When Arella is not writing or spending time discussing anything and everything with anyone who will listen, you can often find her curled up with a book and her bird, or possibly studying for her next college exam. At sixteen, she’s got a lot on her plate, but through it all she always finds time to explore the depths of her creativity and bring the inky worlds at her fingertips to life.  If asked where she’s from, her prompt reply is always to inform the person that she is a “God-made, Jesus-saved, Texan-raised homeschooler, and proud of it.” Current obsessions include sci-fi, fantasy, anything considered remotely geeky, spicy food, busting stereotypes, MBTI, ASL, and Texan culture. 
Arella has been an avid story teller since the moment she was decided to (finally) start speaking. After figuring out the correct way to hold a pencil, she began writing those stories down, first as a hobby and then as an investment towards a career. These days, she's got a lot of projects, but the main masterpiece-in-progress is Mind Over Matter, the first of her superhero trilogy. It's Arella's main focus now, but she finds time to write various short stories, one of which she is hoping to enter into a contest in the coming weeks, as well as starting a blog, which you can check out here. She loves all kinds of writing, but fiction remains her steadfast passion.


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