The Lighthouse - A Poem

Poetry is terse and concise, but it packs a punch. It creates images in your brain and often makes you think differently.

It’s also a lot of fun to write. Here’s a poem I wrote last week:

Beside the lighthouse now he stands
Right before him is his band
Resting awake in the forest green
Sternly awaiting the next day's scene

Outnumbered, outweaponed, surrounded by foes
This lighthouse appeared their final repose
Today they would lose, or today they would win
Today they would die, or today they begin
          the liberation of their state.

Now the men do stir awake
Now they their positions take
With resolve they face their fate
Among the trees they crouch and wait

Without alarm the enemy strikes
But is beaten back, not once, but twice
But then the foe with might prevails
And strikes and slashes, maims and kills.

The battle was not won that day
But it struck a spark into that state
Freedom can be fought and won
The war to win it has begun.

This poem was originally published on my personal blog.