Dear Warr;or

This week is suicide prevention week which is something that we as the Elysian team hold dear and is a passion of mine. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This poem originally started back one early August morning with the line put the semicolon where that period should've been, your story doesn't have to end. 

Please enjoy and tell someone today that they matter and make today better. 

Dear fighter
You are seen. You are loved.
You aren’t alone, but known from above.

I see you. I love you.
Drop the pills, release the knife;
Don’t kill yourself, don’t take your life!
You belong in this story
Not erased from history

Dear survivor
I know the pain, I know the guilt
But you matter,
You make today better

The struggles will come, and you will fight
You know how to fight the darkness of the night
Put a semicolon where that period should’ve been
Your story doesn’t have to end.

Dear warrior
You have survived
You know how to fight
You have battled the terrors of the night

Pass the baton, continue the race
Weather the storms other people face
Take your scars, share them proud
Be the lifeline that you have found.

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