Unblocking the Writer's Block

“I can’t write.” We have all said this at one point or another.  Perhaps it is because of certain events that have happened. Maybe you are dry out of ideas. I won’t deny that I have complained like this many times before. I lose all hope. My ideas die. For weeks I do not touch a pen. This condition is the Writer’s Block.

Yes, the Writer’s Block: the old enemy of literature. But how can you solve it?

Let me first identify its characteristics before I give tips on how to solve it. As I see, it is when someone simply cannot write due to adversity in one’s life or in one’s mind. However, with any little bit of progress you make, it always seems that adversity follows. So, more or less it is the side-effect of progress. Unfortunately, this really does hinder your progress and for sometimes weeks you cannot write or even come up with any new ideas.

Now, here are some ways I find helpful to unblock ‘the block.’ Give yourself time to think of new ideas or methods. Procrastinating is not recommended, but sometimes you just need extra time. Instead, create goals: if not today, tomorrow!

Reading other books can also help to resurrect your imagination. Diving into another author’s story could help to bring back your interest. When you come across a word you don’t know when reading, do not hesitate to research its meaning. Doing so well expand your usage of words in your own work. 

Listen to music that inspires you. Try not to fall into the rut of self-doubt. Never doubt that God is in control, and that you are doing this for Him.

Also, when you feel absolutely drained of enthusiasm, pray. As for any circumstance in life remember the saying, “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” You can do this! Yes, the writer’s block is a horrible impediment, but using these methods, it can be ‘unblocked.’ It is almost like a test of faith, only this one is won by a pen!

About the Author
Maria Furgal is a sixteen year old eccentric. She enjoys reading the classics (crying when they end sadly, and squealing when they end happily), writing, studying history, listening to music, drinking coffee or tea, and living in books. She also loves the outdoors and being productive. She lives in upstate New York, although she wistfully wishes she lived in Medieval England.

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