The Beauty of Using a Notebook

The birth of a book begins with just an idea, faith, and strong incentives. However, that is
not enough to instantly make it into an actual book. The thing that makes this actually happen is a tremendous amount of patience.

Yes, time, dedication and prayer—which all are part of patience.

But before your inspiration is dampened by the reality of this, try creating even a
relatively simple plot. You might think, “Why do I have to start small, when I already
know exactly what to do?” But, by ‘starting small’ you will be surprised at how many more ideas come to you instead of rushing into things.

As hard as it might seem, don’t ever rush a story, no matter how excited you are
about it or how much you think you know about it. If just hurriedly notated, it might have many discrepancies and mistakes.

But that is a little cruel, as it crushes the inspiration and imagination. So, there is a
way to ‘rush’ the book-writing process—especially when your ideas are fresh and full-of-
enthusiasm. It is called a notebook. Yes, a regular inexpensive notebook which you can
purchase at any local dollar store. There, ideas can be stored and jotted down quickly.

When writing this way, don’t think, “Oh goodness! This is so cheesy! There is no
description whatsoever and the characters barely even talk!”

Don’t worry. After your ideas are written down on paper you can transfer them to your computer where all the other necessary descriptions can be added as you please. The main thing is that your idea becomes reality without losing your inspiration.

Now, why do I recommend writing this way? Why take all the baby steps? We all have to start somewhere. And you will see that more, much more, life will come to your book if you take the time and get the bulk of the plot written down. When you finish that and move onto actually typing it out, you can then add many side stories in addition.

By using a notebook, not only will it be easier to jot down ideas but also will enhance your story in the long run.

About the Author
 Maria Furgal is a sixteen year old eccentric. She enjoys reading the classics (crying when they end sadly, and squealing when they end happily), writing, studying history, listening to music, drinking coffee or tea, and living in books. She also loves the outdoors and being productive. She lives in upstate New York, although she wistfully wishes she lived in Medieval England.

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