Pride in Writing

Recently, I was faced with a temptation to do something very wrong, but at the time it just seemed so good to do. It wouldn’t be harmful to myself or others. It would feel good, with no bad consequences. Or so I told myself. So I believed.

Thankfully, due to an external circumstance I was released from that temptation, but I was shaken by the fact that I had nearly succumbed to it. I had been within a hair’s breadth of giving in.

I began reading my Bible with more of a fervency. What could I do that would give me the strength to resist when I was tempted again? I needed to understand how the enemy works.

Satan targets our weaknesses. It’s only common sense. A general would always choose to focus on his enemy’s weakest spots.

For me, my weak spot was pride. I had been following God well for the past few weeks, and I had been feeling good about it. Thinking I was safe from Satan’s snare, I was actually opening myself up for his attack.

There’s a song by Casting Crowns that goes: “Be careful if you think you stand, ‘cause you just might be sinking.”

That described me perfectly.

Now that I know of that weak spot of pride, though, I can reinforce it. I can acknowledge my complete dependence on God. I can be on guard to avoid being taken in by that weakness again.

In Proverbs, the writer says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” Even if an action seems like an ok thing to do, we always need to compare it to what God says. Trust the Bible over your feelings.

But why are we even talking about this? This is a writing blog, after all.

Yes, this is a blog about writing, but it is also a blog about writing for the glory of God. Our relationship with God directly affects our writing and the impact it can have.

While we need to be continually working on our writing form, we also need to focus on our relationship with God, not giving Satan the advantage over us.

It is only when we are right with God that we can impact others for His kingdom through our writing.

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