The Beauty of Using a Notebook

The birth of a book begins with just an idea, faith, and strong incentives. However, that is
not enough to instantly make it into an actual book. The thing that makes this actually happen is a tremendous amount of patience.

Yes, time, dedication and prayer—which all are part of patience.

Pride in Writing

Recently, I was faced with a temptation to do something very wrong, but at the time it just seemed so good to do. It wouldn’t be harmful to myself or others. It would feel good, with no bad consequences. Or so I told myself. So I believed.

Thankfully, due to an external circumstance I was released from that temptation, but I was shaken by the fact that I had nearly succumbed to it. I had been within a hair’s breadth of giving in.

I began reading my Bible with more of a fervency. What could I do that would give me the strength to resist when I was tempted again? I needed to understand how the enemy works.