Why I Write

Ever since I started using the internet, I've been a consumer.

If you remember back in economics class, a consumer someone that uses products that others made, while a producer is someone who creates those products.

When I'm online, I feel like a consumer. I check my email, click on the links, and fall down a rabbit hole of web pages.

I come back at the end, not feeling refreshed, but rather I feel depressed. Why does it depress me? Because I'm mindlessly consuming other people's content.

On the other hand, when I'm creating things, be it a computer program for someone else to use or a blog post here for Elysian, it is considerably more difficult, to be sure. However, at the end, I feel an innate sense of accomplishment. I feel like I've bettered the world in some way, and I feel good about myself.

So why do I write? I write to keep my brain sharp, to mull through my thoughts, to bring characters to life, sure. But I also write because I love the feeling of putting words out there for others to see them and knowing that I've helped someone out, rather than my being a mindless consumer.

Words have power, and I love using that power to, as TobyMac puts it, "Speak Life." I want to give life through my writing, not destroy my own by mindless consumption. And that is why I write.

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