The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts

I’ve told you before about helpful, uplifting writing tools such as Trello and 750words. But today is different. Today I present to you The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts.

This frightening web app has a seemingly infinite supply of writing prompts, most of which are quite normal: “Reluctantly, he handed over the key.” The dangerous part comes when you choose a word goal and hit Start.

Once you’ve started, there’s no turning back. A progress bar at the top of the screen shows you how much you have left to write, and if you stop writing for 5 seconds, your writing disappears.

Now, don’t be too frightened. If you click one of the export links you can download a copy of your writing. (In the past, this app would delete all your writing if you stopped for too long, but in the past few years they’ve removed that “feature”)

This app provides some powerful incentive to continue writing—the urge to not fail—even when you feel that you have no ideas. When you’re battling writer’s block, try this app. I even used it to write the first draft of this article.

I certainly would not suggest this website for the final draft of your high school essay masterpiece. It’s far more suited for getting your ideas out on paper when you feel you can’t. If you feel writer’s block taking hold of you, give it a try! It might just help you out.

If you have used The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts, let me know what you think in the comments below! Did it work for you, or did it prove a bit too much? Let me know!

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