Story Snippet: The Adventures of Skylar Morgan

This is a snippet of the story I'm currently working on, The Adventures of Skylar Morgan. Enjoy!

Sitting in my office a few hours later, I struggled with both the reality of my nightmare. And juggling my work shift along with my decision to return to my college campus.

“Whatcha working on?” Archie asked, stepping into my enclosure.

“Depends on the topic, and oh—by the way, what is the pleasure of you stepping into my office?” I fired back sarcastically.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the help on the hostage situation a few weeks ago. Your team left the crime scene before I could say anything,” he responded.

“Well, you are positively welcome,” came my short reply, still looking at the mountain of books stacked on my desk. “Next time, have your guys talk the perpetrator down enough that when I have to rescue your team, my guys don’t get shot when we come to rescue you. Bullet wounds mean hospital visits, hospital visits mean money, and money is something this team doesn’t have.”

“Good to know,” he commented, stepping back out the door.

“Skye, did you file that case on Joni?” Jason asked, stepping in my office behind Archie, nearly bumping him. “and what happened on the bridge? We nearly lost her and the case. You can’t freeze and meltdown like you did, for this is to be twice, the first time being—”

“At Veronica's rescue.” Murray and I said together, cutting him off. “And how did you know about it anyway? You weren’t even anywhere near the creek or Veronica’s house,” I continued.


“I know I wasn’t there, Skylar. Andrews told me about the girl’s house, and you did everything in your power in her rescue and afterward. But with this one, you really need to be careful—”


“Then you have no right to tell me what to do on my—”


“I wasn’t trying to, I just want to know what’s—”


“What!” I snapped, answering my phone as it vibrated everything on my desk.

“Well, hello to you too, sis. Am I interrupting something?” Elyse responded, a little shocked at my tone.

“No, nothing too important. Just a little disagreement with a coworker. What’s up?” I inquired.


“Elyse? What’s going on?”


Questions started to flood my mind. With the recent health problems that my parents were facing and the distance between my extended relatives and family, anything was possible to the means of this call. The struggled silence of my younger sister.

“Its- its Chris… he’s… oh God, what could he have been going through?!?”

No. He couldn’t be gone.

The look on my face told Jason that whatever news I got was more important than our argument and he silently left me alone in my office. A silent scream erupted from my gut, and hot tears rolled down my face.

Memories came to mind from when Anne, Elyse, Sam, and I were all kids and spent time together with Chris Daniels and his older brother, pulling off the biggest shenanigans we could think of. Or the times when he became all inclusive in a youth group activity on a random Friday night, usually involving a game of ‘round the world’ as the ping pong table took up half of the classroom we used in church. His outlook on life, his charm, tenacity, and smile hid whatever struggles he was truly dealing with.

Hearing her heartbreak over the phone, I looked out my office as the rest of my team looked onward. And in seconds, the tears that were once rolling down my face in rivers rolled back up like someone hit the rewind button on a VHS.

“You okay?” Casey inquired, noticing my change in behavior as I stepped out of my office.

“Yep, perfect,” came my short reply. “What are we working on today?”

As the rest of the team discussed whatever case we were supposed to work on, I couldn’t stay focused and pay attention. My team kept rambling on about the amount of manpower we had or the best protocol to solve every case successfully. I could tell I wasn’t needed, so I stepped back into my enclosure with the door blocking the outside world. I tried to wrap my head around Chris’ death and at the same time stay focused on my college courses, trying to replace the void in my soul with my homework. It wasn’t working, not when I could still hear memories running through my mind. He couldn’t be gone, yet Elyse’s tears and my own social media feed said otherwise.

Emotions in check, I did my best to focus on the task in front of me. Attempting to find where I had stopped, my phone lit with a message from Elyse sharing the link to the obituary from our local paper that she had found online. Curious to what was written, it was only a matter of seconds that the group chat disappeared and Chris’s hearty, charming smile took its place. It was then that the reality struck its chord and for once, both my head and heart knew the truth.

Chris Daniels was indeed dead.

But it wasn’t just his death that consumed me. Moments of my own family’s struggles played their part as well and how easily I could place my family into theirs so easily.

It wasn’t the fact that Chris was dead that shook me to my core. It was something else.

What do you think should happen next in Skylar's adventure?

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