The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts

I’ve told you before about helpful, uplifting writing tools such as Trello and 750words. But today is different. Today I present to you The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts.

Story Snippet: The Adventures of Skylar Morgan

This is a snippet of the story I'm currently working on, The Adventures of Skylar Morgan. Enjoy!

3 Tips on How to Write Powerful Fiction

Here is a guest post on the fiction genre from Grace Caylor.

I’m far from being a bestselling author, but I have been working on a book for three years, along with writing stories, poetry, and articles on this blog during that time span. Through those things, I’ve gathered some ideas about how to write well. When it comes down to it, if you want to write well, you probably want to write powerfully, making an impact on your readers’ life long after they’ve read your words. I could write on and on about how to write in general, but I thought these were the most important tips I have learned for how to write the most inspiring, long-lasting writing that fills both a reader’s mind and heart.