I am a Writer

I came to the realization that today is Memorial Day, and that this particular holiday is when we remember the fallen heroes of the US military who never made it home from war. Over the past year, this day has meant something more to me besides the military.

It’s the day that I got sick.

The Writer Inside Me

Guest post by Laura Hammer

I want to be a writer.

So many times in life we are limited. Either by the laws of nature or our physical bodies. When I write, there is no end to the things I can do. I can create worlds with just a few sentences. I can make a character the person I want them to be. I can have dragons. I can create the places I dream of and the life that is beyond my reach. I can create a story that has all the dark emotions of human nature or one that is so light-hearted it’s ridiculous. I love to write because I have no limitations. Even when you read a book, you are limited by the author’s imagination, but when you write there is no end to the possibilities.

New Motivation

"I've given up on writing. I'm too busy; I don't even write anything good."

These were the thoughts of a young writer not long ago. He had many interests, but writing was no longer one of them. He was truly burned out.

He stopped writing.

Yes, later he sometimes had longings for the joy he once felt at his keyboard, but his desire was never enough to get him started writing again.