Everyman's Shame - A Story (Part 1)

A man who wears the white garments of his King must surrender his shame before he is released from his shackles.

Shame is a reminder of our sin, and in Christ, all our sin is forgiven us.

Letting go of sin is something I’ve struggled with, so yesterday I wrote the first part of a story about a man who carried a burden of shame and didn’t want to let it go, but also didn’t want others to know that he carried it.

The light blinded him,
and he blinked.

Rising from his seat on the ground,
Everyman almost stumbled under the
weight of an immense load on his back.

The Lighthouse - A Poem

Poetry is terse and concise, but it packs a punch. It creates images in your brain and often makes you think differently.

It’s also a lot of fun to write. Here’s a poem I wrote last week:

Beside the lighthouse now he stands
Right before him is his band
Resting awake in the forest green
Sternly awaiting the next day's scene

Dear Warr;or

This week is suicide prevention week which is something that we as the Elysian team hold dear and is a passion of mine. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This poem originally started back one early August morning with the line put the semicolon where that period should've been, your story doesn't have to end. 

Please enjoy and tell someone today that they matter and make today better. 

Dear fighter
You are seen. You are loved.
You aren’t alone, but known from above.

I see you. I love you.
Drop the pills, release the knife;
Don’t kill yourself, don’t take your life!
You belong in this story
Not erased from history

Dear survivor
I know the pain, I know the guilt
But you matter,
You make today better

The struggles will come, and you will fight
You know how to fight the darkness of the night
Put a semicolon where that period should’ve been
Your story doesn’t have to end.

Dear warrior
You have survived
You know how to fight
You have battled the terrors of the night

Pass the baton, continue the race
Weather the storms other people face
Take your scars, share them proud
Be the lifeline that you have found.

Unblocking the Writer's Block

“I can’t write.” We have all said this at one point or another.  Perhaps it is because of certain events that have happened. Maybe you are dry out of ideas. I won’t deny that I have complained like this many times before. I lose all hope. My ideas die. For weeks I do not touch a pen. This condition is the Writer’s Block.

Yes, the Writer’s Block: the old enemy of literature. But how can you solve it?

Temptation: A Short Story

A pit of milky, frothy lava oozed up from the endless caverns of the earth. It glowed red as though it were a sunset, and if that color had been in the sky, it would have been termed beautiful. Now, though, it was terrifying.

A man stood near to the edge of the pit. He could see the venomous flares coming from deep down in the depths, and they seemed to mesmerize him. He was spellbound by their glistening colors.

In his one hand, he carried a Book. He had been told that this Book was the guide to the true Life. He simply had to read and follow its commands to enjoy life and peace for everlasting. But today, as it had been for the past few weeks, his book was at his side, unread and unheeded.

Now he took a step nearer to the pit. An almost magnetic pull drew him closer.

The Beauty of Using a Notebook

The birth of a book begins with just an idea, faith, and strong incentives. However, that is
not enough to instantly make it into an actual book. The thing that makes this actually happen is a tremendous amount of patience.

Yes, time, dedication and prayer—which all are part of patience.

Pride in Writing

Recently, I was faced with a temptation to do something very wrong, but at the time it just seemed so good to do. It wouldn’t be harmful to myself or others. It would feel good, with no bad consequences. Or so I told myself. So I believed.

Thankfully, due to an external circumstance I was released from that temptation, but I was shaken by the fact that I had nearly succumbed to it. I had been within a hair’s breadth of giving in.

I began reading my Bible with more of a fervency. What could I do that would give me the strength to resist when I was tempted again? I needed to understand how the enemy works.

The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts

I’ve told you before about helpful, uplifting writing tools such as Trello and 750words. But today is different. Today I present to you The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts.

Story Snippet: The Adventures of Skylar Morgan

This is a snippet of the story I'm currently working on, The Adventures of Skylar Morgan. Enjoy!

3 Tips on How to Write Powerful Fiction

Here is a guest post on the fiction genre from Grace Caylor.

I’m far from being a bestselling author, but I have been working on a book for three years, along with writing stories, poetry, and articles on this blog during that time span. Through those things, I’ve gathered some ideas about how to write well. When it comes down to it, if you want to write well, you probably want to write powerfully, making an impact on your readers’ life long after they’ve read your words. I could write on and on about how to write in general, but I thought these were the most important tips I have learned for how to write the most inspiring, long-lasting writing that fills both a reader’s mind and heart.

I am a Writer

I came to the realization that today is Memorial Day, and that this particular holiday is when we remember the fallen heroes of the US military who never made it home from war. Over the past year, this day has meant something more to me besides the military.

It’s the day that I got sick.

The Writer Inside Me

Guest post by Laura Hammer

I want to be a writer.

So many times in life we are limited. Either by the laws of nature or our physical bodies. When I write, there is no end to the things I can do. I can create worlds with just a few sentences. I can make a character the person I want them to be. I can have dragons. I can create the places I dream of and the life that is beyond my reach. I can create a story that has all the dark emotions of human nature or one that is so light-hearted it’s ridiculous. I love to write because I have no limitations. Even when you read a book, you are limited by the author’s imagination, but when you write there is no end to the possibilities.

New Motivation

"I've given up on writing. I'm too busy; I don't even write anything good."

These were the thoughts of a young writer not long ago. He had many interests, but writing was no longer one of them. He was truly burned out.

He stopped writing.

Yes, later he sometimes had longings for the joy he once felt at his keyboard, but his desire was never enough to get him started writing again.