When NaNoWriMo is over

You’re done! You’ve just completed your very first National Novel Writing Month word sprint and are looking at the ending of your finished manuscript. Now what? Do you go headfirst into editing, scratch every plot, twist, idea you had and begin all over again?

 No. You just wrote every day for an entire month straight, and your document is proof that it was worth it. Take a break.

 Yes, you need a break. Whether it's from one month to three months or longer, you need some time away from your story to get some new eyes and a fresh perspective on what your original vision of your storyline was. And here are a couple of ideas on what to do during this said break.

 1. Read

Yes, read. Whatever your go-to writing genre is, read that same genre to see how other writers write, which will enhance on not only your writing skills but also introduce you to the styles of other writers in your area of the writing craft that you enjoy. Basically, write what you read, so if you write fantasy, read fantasy. Write Christian fiction, read Christian fiction, and so on.

2. Write
You heard that. Don’t give up writing just because your story is done for the time being. Go write! Writing keeps your creativity flowing and keeps your skills sharp. If you can’t do another story right now, find blogs or websites to guest post for, submit articles to, etc or give feedback and edit other writers work.

 How do I know? I’m currently taking a break from my work in progress, The Adventures of Skylar Morgan with the current word count of ten thousand, seven hundred and twenty-nine words, and counting once I get my editing started and expand on the story some more by creating plots, twists, character development, etc. So, I’m taking this time to read, write, and give feedback on other people’s writing before I start my own editing process shortly after the new year.


  1. That is AWESOME advice! I totally agree about reading. If I find a writing style of an author I like, I'll also try to imitate what I like about it. You can't write without reading! Great advice ;)

  2. Thank you so much for posting again! I love this blog and I check frequently for new posts. It's so cool to hear about people around my age with such dedication to their writing. Your advice and example has really been an encouragement to me. I look forward to reading The Adventures of Skylar Morgan when it is published!

  3. Thanks guys, and sorry for not responding to you earlier than now, but with the holidays and everything, I was also having technical issues on my end as well. But I'm excited that you enjoyed it