When Characters Come Alive

It's alive!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!!

Isn't it true though of every spooky movie? One of my childhood times of hearing this dreadful time was one of the original Veggie Tales movies. Even as writers, we have kinda the same problem when we're in the middle of a story and we are very frequently interrupted by our characters. 

Sometimes, as the story plot insists and unfolds, we may either, harm this sassy character, or just abruptly kill them just to be resurrected and torment us later because we couldn’t live without them.

Its almost like they’re really alive and not just a figment of our imaginations. In hopes of explaining how this happens, I asked my fellow young writers if they were willing to share conversations that they have with their characters, this is what Cassandra Hamm had to say about it:

Me: Seali, you can’t do that.
Seali: Why not?
Me: *flustered* Because its not okay.
Seali: Why not?
Me: You just kidnapped her!! How are you not understanding why this is not okay?!
Seali: She is my brother’s future mate. *blinks at me innocently* I am just helping Slay.
Me: Seali. *frowns* You need to take her back
Seali: Why?
Seali: She is my future sister. *smiles* Now she will live with Slay and me.
Me: *groans

Character conversations range from something like that to the characters discussing anything that comes up in the story along with the characters involved. Like Joanna's conversation for example:

Me: What would you think if I killed you? 
Character: You can't. 
Me: You want to bet? 
Character: Sure! You, being an author, can only kill a character and make it official by writing it. But me, being your narrator, can't die. Because if you kill me, you can't write it, 'cause I'm not around to write it for you, therefore, it never officially happened, therefore, you can't kill me. *smirks* 
Me: *glares* Some days I hate you. 

Character: Only 'cause you know I'm right.

Or as some conversations might go……

What are conversations that you've had with your characters? I'd love to hear those down in the comments

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  1. I like to write short scenes about the same few characters, in the hopes of someday linking them together into a story. One of my favourite characters is a 21-year-old guy named Lysander. I have the most trouble with him of all my characters:

    Me: You have to ignore Elaine and sound frustrated with her.
    Lysander: Can't we skip to the part where I fall in love with her and we get married and live happily ever after?
    Me: No. We have to get to the happily ever after. Say something she'll find annoying. Like, "who cares if your feet hurt anyway".
    Lysander: How dare you tell me how to talk! You're a 15-year-old girl, how do you know what boys act like on a regular basis? You don't even have brothers! I wouldn't say something like that to Elaine.
    Me: What would you say?
    Lysander: "Elaine, sweetest, Elaine, you are the most wonderful..."
    Me: Next time I won't tell you who you're going to fall in love with until the end of the story.