Writing a God-Centered story

A few weeks ago, I read a very gripping, first person, young adult fictional book. Besides the action, plot, twist and turns in this story, I still had a problem with it: the language.

When Characters Come Alive

It's alive!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!!

Isn't it true though of every spooky movie? One of my childhood times of hearing this dreadful time was one of the original Veggie Tales movies. Even as writers, we have kinda the same problem when we're in the middle of a story and we are very frequently interrupted by our characters. 

Sale Day (fiction piece)

Hi, all! Today I'm here with a short fiction piece! Hope you enjoy! -Kirstie
Mr. Coleman bustled around the now quiet shop, pulling out things from the shelves, putting other things back, straightening here and there.
Perspiration running down his brow, he glanced at the clock. Sighing with relief, he slowed his efforts. He still had half an hour.

Its a matter of Perspective

Hello my fellow readers, I come to bring you......a matter of perspective. What's that you say? Perspective? Where are you going with this, Natalie? 
Let's look at the definition of the word perspective. The dictionary defines this word as:

A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

One Day in the Journal of a Lightbulb in the Castle of Elysian

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
OK, so I didn't sleep well last night. Neither did the humans, I'm guessing, because they kept getting up in the middle of the night and turning me on.
Anyway, I eventually got back to sleep.
So, at five-thirty this morning, I was resting peacefully, when one of the humans came barging downstairs. He reached for the light switch. I cringed as the electricity surged through my circuits. You have no idea how painful it can be to support such high current.