It's Okay To Stop Writing

Hey, everyone, King and Tyrant returning at last with a bit of a conversation sparking question.
Do you ever just get tired of writing?
Like, bottom of the word bin, if I were standing at the edge of a fictional cliff I'd probably fall over tired?
It's okay. It's okay to get tired.
It's okay to want to quit and stop writing or blogging forever and potentially live as a Netflix watching Pizza eating caterpillar for the rest of your life.
What's maybe not okay?
Actually doing that.
Not that it isn't what I've been ATTEMPTING to do for the past few months, but what with school coming up, I figured it was time I got my head back in the game, and so, here I am "Back and better than ever". Well, maybe not the 'better' part, but you get my drift.
Let me tell you something. As writers, the absolute hardest part of our job isn't the writing. Or even the sitting yourself down to write sometimes. No, 90% of the time it's the exhaustion, the desire to never look at another piece of paper again while simultaneously missing it. This is writer's block, this is exhaustion. Yes, typically it stems from life, but maybe it also stems from the fact that writing is just really hard guys. It's just really, really hard.
Think about how often you consider your book/story/blog throughout the day. You see something and suddenly inspiration sparks. Joy! That would be spot on in my book! And yes, those little moments always seem great, I mean I don't think there's a writer out there who doesn't enjoy the feeling of their book floating around beside them all day every day. The invisible ghost of fantastic things and conversation prompts should you happen to encounter a 'human'. However, while we may enjoy this sensation, there's a downside to it, like there is everything.
Did you know that when you don't complete a task your brain continues to try to solve it subconsciously even as you go about your day? Make sense suddenly? Here's the reasoning behind those inspiration bursts. That's the proverbial computer program running in the background taking up all your cognitive skills without you even knowing it. When it finishes loading a particularly bothersome point, you'll get a notification (Steam has finished updating!) or popup, which for us comes in the form of a 'Click' moment. So there are two ways to look at this. One, man! My brain is efficient solving problems I wasn't even thinking about! Or two, the real problem: You were thinking about it. Probably more than you even realized. Think about how mentally exhausting it is to be subconsciously solving such an enormous task as an 800-page novel absolutely pockmarked with plot holes. Just think about that. Still wonder why writing is so exhausting? Why even the best of us have wanted nothing more than to quit, even when at the top of their games?
Let me tell you something else, you can't keep going forever. Those days or weeks you quit writing because you're 'procrastinating'? No, your brain is begging you for a break, and you should listen to it. Your book isn't going anywhere. It'll still be there when you're done 'procrastinating'. When your body tells you you're tired, you're tired. Listen to it and take a well-deserved break. You'll be surprised at how refreshing it is to just step away from everything for a week, or, if you're me, several months. (Sorry guys!) I have to admit though, after not writing OR blogging for so long, I actually kind of miss it. I haven't sat down at my computer to really just WRITE in forever. Sure, I've kept up with an outline/summary I penned on notebook paper, but just a few days ago I realized how much I wanted to get back in there. To write the actual material within my manuscript. Dialogue, descriptions, action, adventure, heck, even punctuation and Grammer! I missed typing out these visions into my computer, and that's when I realized I needed to start again.
The same goes for you. Take a break until you miss it. I mean really miss it. You'll know then that you're ready to start again, and now that you're not mentally exhausted, you'll probably be even more surprised at your doubled efficiency. Going without writing for so long is like skipping breakfast lunch AND dinner. You're going to get really hungry, real quick, and when you do, you'll probably eat enough for three people. The same goes for writing. If writing is truly apart of you, if it's really something you desire, something you long for, then you won't just abandon it. You'll always come back, and it'll always be waiting. It's okay to stop. Sometimes you just need to take a break and go without your book or blog for a week (or 9). Just remember that it's in starting that you'll find true fictional renewal. Everyone appreciate that oxymoron, I'm going to sneak out the back. *salutes* Adios Amigos! Or, rather:
Until the Dimming of the Stars, My Beloved Readers. 
Man have I missed saying that. 


  1. So true, I find myself in that cycle a lot :)

  2. Thanks for posting this, I feel quite relieved that another writer is having the same problems I am.