100th Post Celebration!!!

Hey guys, it's Arella here! Not too long ago, we posted our 100th post on this blog!

*cue confetti canons*

In honor of this achievement, we decided to do something fun. We asked our writing friends for some questions, and we did our best to answer all of them. It was so much fun answering all of them, and we hope y'all enjoy reading through them, too.

Before we get to the questions, on behalf of everyone behind Writers of Elysian, I'd like to thank y'all. It's because of you, our wonderful readers, that we keep writing everyday. Sure, we could still do it on our own, but you guys encourage us so much just by clicking on our site.

So, we'd like to share this celebration with all of you. Pat yourself on the back, get comfy, and enjoy.

Favorite Color?

Arella: Moss green, all the way.

Kirstie: Dark, dark green!!

James: Forest green :-)

Natalie: Ocean blue

Karissa: Light, sky blue:)

Bethany: Blue-gray (like *dramatically* the color of the still dawn)

What’s your favorite time of day to write?

Arella: Probably late afternoon or at like eleven o’clock at night. I’m pretty flexible but inspiration tends to hit then.

Kirstie: Definitely late afternoon, probably starting around three.

Natalie: One of my favorite times is late at night and then I get mad at myself for staying up so late and not going to bed.

James: just before bed, when I pull out my phone and tap out an article on its tiny  keyboard.

Karissa: probably afternoon, starting at maybe 1, or late at night when I get inspired and emotional ;)

Beth: I love writing in the early morning when it’s quiet and the sun is just fresh and newly shining. It’s warmest and bright and still like a dream. I can write best when I’m disconnected from reality to the point where I am the story. I also like writing VERY late at night, typically 10 pm- 3 am. Almost for the same reasons, except the coolness of night is like a silky blanket for dreaming and weaving words together into magic.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavors?

Natalie: Extreme Moose Tracks. It's the only thing that I know of to be in Iowa and it's basically death by chocolate .

Arella: Blue Bell anything. But specifically chocolate-chip cookie dough

Kirstie: Chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream…

James: I'm a bit traditional here, I absolutely love vanilla…

Karissa: mint chocolate chip, the Breyers brand. Or the classic Cincinnati flavor-Graeters black raspberry chip.

Beth: I’m a sucker for Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, but sadly it makes me sick so second prize goes to Humboldt Vanilla *happy sigh*.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Karissa: Philippines, Israel, or Ecuador. (Or narnia):)

Natalie: For me it would be Poland and New Zealand. Or, what any viewer knows it to be….the land of Narnia.

James: Google Headquarters, Mountain View California

Arella: Real or fictional? ‘Cause if we’re leaving that up to interpretation…

Kirstie: Then I’d totally go to Middle Earth...Or Europe…

Beth: Aoraki Mackenzie, New Zealand in the real world. Just… Stars. I love stars… The night sky… Fictionally, I’d go to The Plains of Talibeth from Eiraeth, which is a place I wrote because of all the beauty in this world I can imagine, it’s always stars that stand first and foremost in my mind. I really wish I could go there.

What atmosphere do you need to be the most productive in writing?

James: I need either classical music or lively contemporary Christian music. Either works. But once I start getting distracted, I never get back on track. :)

Kirstie: As silent as the grave. Usually. Depends on the situation.

Arella: I work well in just about any atmosphere. Unless a movie or song that I love is on. Then all productivity goes out the window.

Karissa: I like music. Dramatic intense music like Two Steps, or yeah regular piano music.

Natalie: Nothing good happens without a little music for me. Otherwise its complete rambling and I doesn’t make sense.

Beth: Depending on my mood. Sometimes I just need absolute stillness so I can feel the world within my words around me. Other times, I need music to push me forward. Instrumental or with Lyrics that remind me of my story.

What is your favorite story, and why?

Kirstie: I will probably say Lord of the Rings first of all to any reading/story related question.

James: The Horatius Hornblower series by CS Forester. It's gripping.

Natalie: The Baxter Family Drama  Series  by Karen Kingsbury. All 25 of them.  

Arella: *cries because she can’t decide* I have like three different “favorites”. No, wait, make that five.

Karissa: Yes Natalie, any Karen Kingsbury is amazing.. also I love the Mysterious Benedict Society series. (But yeah LOTR is so good…. ahh)

Beth: I could never in my life decide what kind of magic it is that best fills me through words.

What is your favorite Disney/Pixar moment?

Natalie: When Ellie dies on Up

Kirstie: I can neither confirm or deny which one is my favorite.

Arella: I don’t even know where to begin in finding an answer here. Pixar movies are all beautiful, and there are far too many great Disney movies to single out one answer.

Karissa: The lantern scene on Tangled is the sweetest thing ever.

Beth: DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE (The last scene in Brave, where Merida and her mother are together on the cliff-edge place and there’s pretty music… BUT I also like the scene in Wall-E where they’re flying around space… And the scene where Wall-E ‘dies’...)

What fictional character do you look up to the most?

Kirstie: Samwise Gamgee? Is that surprising?

Arella: Gandalf the Grey.

Beth: Aslan, obviously ;)

If you could enter into any story and be any character in it, which story/character would you choose?

Kirstie: Wait for it...Lord of the Rings!!

Arella: This is kind of a cop-out answer, but I’d probably go with my own story, and I’d be Ashlyn, my MC. Considering she’s based a fair amount off of me/my experiences, it’s like my life but with superpowers.

Beth: Do I have to play out the story I’ve given them? Because I’d go with Arella and say my own story buuuuuuuut… I’m super awful to all of my characters. However, if I didn’t have to play out their stories, I’d have to be Shanti, my main character’s best friend. (I just love him so much xD)

What is your favorite thing you’ve ever written?

James: A story I wrote recently about overcoming fear

Kirstie: the first fan-fiction I recently finished.

Arella: There’s not really one entire piece; more like some random lines.

Beth: I have a couple favorite lines, but so far the best is the one I wrote to be the last sentence in my entire book series. “...and as they reached the end of the shadowed hall, she took his hand in her own, her grip gentle yet firm, and he knew that while there was still much to come, in this moment he had just enough to hold on to.”

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of writing?

Natalie: Binge watched Netflix and called it research.

Arella: Honestly, there are way too many things I’ve done in the name of writing. There are hours of my lifetime that I’ve spent doing things that would cause people concern at my mental health.

James: Computer programming, at least it uses the same keys...

Kirstie: Haven’t had to do anything crazy, I’ve just written crazy stuff. Unless you count roleplaying as my characters to further develop their story?

Beth: Built a crossbow out of office supplies to measure its firing range xD

If you were able to travel back in time and go anywhere in history where would you go?

James: I don't know, I kinda like my own time period. I mean, in earlier times there wasn't any of this modern technology. In fact, not too many years ago, “Writers of Elysian” would be impossible!

Natalie: April 1944. Stalag Luft III just to do the great escape in WWII history.

Arella: Oh, that’s hard. Maybe early 1900’s, because even though there was a lot of struggle and difficulty back then, there were a lot of amazing things that people did.

Kirstie: 1899, just so I can join the Newsies strike and sing all the songs from the musical, and watch all their confusion.

Beth: I’d want to go meet Vincent Van Gogh and maybe try to save him. Yes I watch Doctor Who. Yes, that episode made me REALLY SAD.

If you were stuck on a tropical island and could only bring three books with you, which ones would they be?

Arella: Um, a survival guide, a book on boat making, and a star chart. Then I’d sail to the nearest country and go visit the library.

Natalie: A favorite book, a prompt book, and a book on star measurements so as to measure the stars correctly and not give them a high-five.

James: the question didn't specifically state that the island was deserted, only that it was tropical. If that's the case, I'll assume that there's also already a luxury hotel, an airport, and library on the island, and I would just bring my three favorite books.

Kirstie: A book on how to find what to eat/basic survival, The Bible, and the Hobbit

Karissa: The Bible. A notebook. And an Agatha Christie mystery to keep me occupied (im with James on this one)

Beth: If James is indeed correct, then I’d say the last Harry Potter book, The first Throne of Glass book, and The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.

If you were able to meet the author of your favorite book, what is one question you would ask him/her?

Arella: “What was your biggest inspiration for __ book?”

Kirstie: “Where did you get inspiration for your characters?”

Natalie: “When did you find it the hardest to write?”

Karissa: I actually have:) and I regret not asking them tips on writing.

Beth: How did you think of such wonderful plot-twists and turns and make everything connect so perfectly?

Why did you decide to make this blog?

Natalie: To stay accountable, continue in the consistency and sharpen my skills as a writer.

Kirstie: Beth started the blog, so I had the crazy idea of joining.

James: I was struggling to start my own blog at the time and saw this as a better solution

Arella: I just decided to jump on the bandwagon before it drove away. :)

Karissa: To have accountability partners on this journey of writing, thanks guys :D

Beth: To learn to blog better and to be a part of a team of writers to which I could be accountable. To strengthen my writing skills and heck, make a couple of friends ;)

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Natalie: To test the dead chicken theory. That’s why.

Arella: Because the author needed the prophesized chicken to carry the message across the road to the heroes waiting on the other side.

Kirstie: researching for his novel. (and he ended up dead I imagine)

James: he did it for the sake of adventure. That's the same reason people sky-dive, bungee-jump, rock climb, etc.

Karissa: he probably saw a Taco Bell on the other side.

Beth: “Because the world did not exist inside his books, it was out there, waiting…”

What is your favorite word?

Kirstie: Ploitering! And Elysian.

Arella: I’ll always hold a loyalty to “elysian” and “ineffable”.

James: “concatenate”

Natalie: Flustrated.

Karissa: ghiradelli

Beth: Ethereal, and, of course, Elysian.

How long have you been writing?

Kirstie: About two years seriously. And about one year consistently.

Arella: My answer’s pretty much the same as Kirstie’s, regarding serious writing.

Natalie: I started seriously writing when I was 19 back in 2011. So six years.

James: I've only been writing seriously since we started this blog

Karissa: same, I've been writing seriously since we started.

Beth: Since I was six, so about ten years. Seriously, probably 3-4.

What are all of your writing goals for the future?

Kirstie: Keep writing novels, stories, blogging, and be a published author.

James: publish a novel

Natalie: I’m the same as Kirstie. I also want to be able to make my writing into a career as well

Arella: To finish the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next scene, and the next chapter, over and over until I’ve written every book that has ever kept me awake at night from excitement just from the thought of writing one more word.

Karissa: to keep writing, blog consistently, and even publish a book someday..

Beth: I want to write until I inspire someone. Until I can make them dream as I have dreamed and see the things that have touched me. Until I can see the tears in someone’s eyes from the sorrows I have written or the laughter in their voice from some joke I have penned. I want to write until the words are all gone from me, and I won’t stop until I see the excitement in someone’s eyes and know that my story touched them. That has been, and always will be my goal. I want to as well spread the message of Jesus by conveying it in everything I write.


And that's a wrap! Thank y'all again for reading, and I hope y'all had fun learning a little bit more about us. I think I'm more than ready to do another one of these in the future; that's how much fun it was. Just talking and joking about the questions and our answers was a good enough reason to do it. Let us know down below if y'all enjoyed it.
As always, keep writing, keep reading, stay safe, and God bless.

~ Your Brother and Sisters in Christ,
The Writers of Elysian


  1. This is a wonderful post! Y'all are hilarious and really inspire me to continue writing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Linnea! That's the beauty of this blog; while we get the blessing of inspiring y'all, we get inspired ourselves. It's a win-win, really. <3