Story Day: When authors become characters

Hello, my writing peoples! I have come to this wonderful blog to share with you one of the joys of writing, and I would like to start with….
*character clears throat*

100th Post Celebration!!!

Hey guys, it's Arella here! Not too long ago, we posted our 100th post on this blog!

*cue confetti canons*

In honor of this achievement, we decided to do something fun. We asked our writing friends for some questions, and we did our best to answer all of them. It was so much fun answering all of them, and we hope y'all enjoy reading through them, too.

Jesus Christ and the solar eclipse

There it was, Golgotha's hill. The very place where three crosses stood. And as we know from the beautiful Easter story, the moment Jesus died, was the same moment that the sky blackened and the temple veil ripped in two.

The Truth About Mentors in Books and Real-Life

As writers, I think we can all agree that mentors are pretty important, whether we’re referring to the character role or real people impacting our careers as aspiring authors. Mentors serve to guide our heroes and ourselves, and whether the problem is helping us rise up to face a villain or finish a manuscript makes their role no less important.
So today, let’s talk about mentors, and the misconceptions we young writers often have about them.

A moment in time: A short story

Note: This is a "flashback" moment in Skylar's past that I wanted to share and see how it would work as a possible part of my story. Enjoy.

God Can Use Our Vulnerable Writing~ Guest post by Sara Willoughby

I didn’t want to post it. The moment I clicked send, I began to second guess myself. I tried to assure myself that it was in God’s hands, and I put it to the back of my mind for a few days. Except that two days later, none of the three people I’d sent the article to had responded. Which wasn’t entirely unusual, but...

It's Okay To Stop Writing

Hey, everyone, King and Tyrant returning at last with a bit of a conversation sparking question.
Do you ever just get tired of writing?
Like, bottom of the word bin, if I were standing at the edge of a fictional cliff I'd probably fall over tired?
It's okay. It's okay to get tired.
It's okay to want to quit and stop writing or blogging forever and potentially live as a Netflix watching Pizza eating caterpillar for the rest of your life.
What's maybe not okay?
Actually doing that.

The Impact of Books

Today, I’d like to talk about books, something we are all very familiar with on this blog. As soon as we hear that beautiful word, the image of little black letters lined up perfectly on a white page springs to our mind, and we have a sudden desire to go find the nearest book and read it.

This post isn’t about any random book, though. No, this post is about books that inspire.