Yes, God Can Still Use Another Writer

As Christian writers, we are sometimes filled with a desire to write for the Lord, to use our words to share His love, whether that is in a direct or indirect way. The only problem is that the next thought that fills our brains is often doubt, because there are simply so many other writers doing the very thing that we wish to do. While this is encouraging and uplifting to see others who have accomplished our own dreams, it is also a bit intimidating. We wonder, if there are so many others, does God really need me?

Today, I’m here to tell you that He does. God uses everyone and anyone who is willing to open up their hearts and allow Him to do amazing, radical things in their lives. That most certainly includes writers.             

              In fact, writers are incredibly impactful tools in God’s plans. We can impact those who are much further than what can reach on our own, because the written word, whether it is on paper or a screen, can travel far and fast in short periods of time. Words are what He has used from the beginning, and he will continue to use them until the end.

              Words are descriptive. Words are powerful. Words are what breathed live into our very world, when God first spoke our universe into existence. And if words were what God chose to set the world into motion, to sculpt the peaks and carve out the seas, to cast the sun into the sky and hang the stars in place, why shouldn’t they still have miraculous power today?
              As writers, words aren’t just something we use; they are our craft. Our days are spent shaping and arranging each word to create impactful and beautiful pieces that have the power to change the world. Because we aren’t just writers; we’re world-changers, my friends.

              If you ever find yourself doubting if God could really use you when there are better, faster, and more popular writers doing what you envision yourself one day doing, kill that doubt right then in there by reminding yourself of all that you can do. I
              It doesn’t matter that there are others doing what you do. Missionaries don’t second-guess if they should go into the field just because others happen to be doing the same work elsewhere. They go, because that is what they feel called to do.
              So that’s what we need to do. We need to stop telling ourselves “but” and “what if”, and start writing. It doesn’t matter what you write, whether it’s fiction, poetry, non-fiction or anything in between. All that matters is if you start writing and if you are determined to not stop until you are finished, until every feeling and thought within your heart has been transformed into words on a page.
              God’s words have the power to change the world, and so God’s writers have the power to change lives for His great glory. One simple sentence could change someone’s entire reality, if it nudges them in the right direction. In His direction.

So get writing, friends, because one sentence to start things is all it takes. God will do the rest. 

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