The Conquering Inconsistency Challenge - What I Learned

Last week, I felt that I wasn't writing consistently enough. As a result, I posted a challenge: Write 200 Words Every Day

What I didn't realize when I started that post was that this week was going to be absolutely packed, what with the 4th of July and all. In fact, I was camping in a tent without a computer for 5 of those days.

I panicked at first, since I always write on a computer, until I realized that I still had my phone. So, the first night in the tent, I pulled out my phone and started writing. 

It took a lot longer than normal typing, but it worked! I was ecstatic.

The next day, I did the same.

It worked beautifully, at least until my phone ran out of battery on Saturday night.

I had to borrow my dad's phone, which luckily still had battery. :)

But through my adventures I realized that I can still write when I don't feel like it. If I have a good reason, I can punch out those words. I don't need "inspiration," I just need discipline.

But most importantly, I learned that writing every day can be rewarding and fun.

If you did this challenge, make sure to comment below!


  1. Oh man, I despise writing on my phone so props to you for that.
    Some days I wrote well over 200 words, and other days I was struggling to get over 150. I work weekends and most days this past week I was at the doctor or elsewhere, so I did the majority of my writing early in the morning or *late* at night and I'm incredibly thankful for this challenge. I wrote over 2 chapters in my novels and like 8 blogposts that I can post at any time in the future.

  2. That's awesome! I'm so glad that it was helpful to you! I had a lot of fun too. ☺