The 4th of July

That date comes around only once a year. So does every date really, if you think about it. There's only one New Years Day, one April Fools, one Memorial Day, one Thanksgiving, and so on for that entire year. Usually, without a doubt, I have this crazy thought of what would happen if our for fathers never signed the Constitution of the United States or the Declaration of Independence.

I've always wondered what would happen if they had the chance to see what America has become and made their decision based on that alone. I had written this poem a few years ago, but I still think it rings true today because I still wonder what would happen. Hope you enjoy.

Seasons come, seasons go,
America's grown, that we know.
But she's forgotten
Forgotten our past
The past we need to remember.

Our past there is `92,
When Chris sailed the ocean blue.
The Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock,
For them, it was a shock.
Since they survived the winter `20,
We now have a feast of plenty.
As they signed the Mayflower Compact,
They only knew it wasn't a contract.

Now we jump a hundred and fifty years,
England's oppression only nears.
As we find in the `70's,
Old towns are now new cities.
King George kept his power and might,
And he wouldn't leave without a fight.

But what would happen?
What if one of our father's jumped?
Jumped that thing called death,
Traveled in that place as time.
Saw America today,
What would they do?
What would they say?
They would likely say:

For you, we lived
For you, we died
For you, we breathed
For you, we cried
For you, we up and grew
For you, we fired and flew

For you, we were hunted
For you, the spy Hale was hung
For you, he bled "I regret"
For you, Franklin said, "Together or Die"
For you, we joined to tie.
For you, Paul rode,
Rode to tell town, village, and farm,
To tell men up and arm.

For you, we said no more,
No tax, no king, we're on our own.
For you, Lexington saw a war,
The day that the Green turned red.
Red with blood,
For you, Jeff wrote,
Wrote for you till he could no more.

But why do you choose to ignore?
Ignore our cry, our pleas, our wants,
Ignore the two great documents.
We didn't write them as a Decoration,
But a Declaration.
We didn't write them as a Contradiction,
 But a Constitution.
So as I go, will you remember?
Will you choose to tell your friends,
Your family, your neighbor?
Tell them about what we did so long ago.

How we fired and fled,
How the grass turned red.
How we did it in the face of death,
When we knew it would mean our last breath.
So let me tell you to tell near and far,
Tell one and all.
I wasn't for us what we did that day,
It was for you,
For you we signed.

You can find this poem and others in my book, A World Through Autistic Eyes and I would love to hear some of your thoughts on July 4th in the comments below.


  1. Love the poem!! That "shot heard 'round the world" should never be forgotten!