Standing Out (Open Pen Critique)

This is an open pen critique. If you have any thoughts or comments, be sure to write them below!

I started up from my bed. My room was pitch dark. Everything was calm and quiet, but my heart was racing. The cold, clammy fingers of fear began to wrap around my mind. "Why did I tell Altam? What if he tells everyone else?" Giant cold drops of sweat began to trickle down my face. I passed the night in silent misery.

At the crack of dawn, I was up and dressing. I was anxious to get to the university to see if Altam had told on me. After racing through the early morning rush traffic, I walked into the university. I was somewhat relieved when the receptionist gave me a cheery "Good morning." But it didn't help my suspense much. I just had to know. I just had to find Altam.
I dashed down the hallway, looking in each of the adjoining rooms, hoping to find him. Up ahead, I saw a group of students. As I got closer, I saw they were laughing. My heart sank when I saw Altam in the middle of them. He was standing up on a table telling them something. As soon as I saw him, I turned around and started to walk away. I knew it was no use talking to any of them. Altam had already told them and all they would do now is laugh at me. They would laugh at me because I had become a Christian.

I had become a Christian the night before when I had visited a revival meeting near my house. I hadn't wanted to go, but I was out walking, and got curious. I walked in, and by the end I had dedicated my life to Christ. 

I had been so excited after that. I felt a weight roll of my back. I was so overflowing with joy so much that I just had to tell someone. I dialed the first person on my contact list: Altam.

He picked up, "Hello?"
"Hey, Altam? This is Dwayne. I have great news!"
"What? Did you just get a promotion or something?"
"No, better! I just became a Christian!" My voice was eager and excited.
He guffawed and hung up.

My enthusiasm died instantly.

That's why I passed the night in misery and in the morning found that Altam had fulfilled my expectations.

That brings me to the present. I'm an outcast now. How can I face the rest? I used to be their leader, but now they would just ridicule me. I sit down in my classroom. It's empty, but I barely notice. In one moment, I lost all my friends. What will I do? I'm lost.

A message buzzes on my phone. I pick it up. It's a message from my professor. "Good morning students, family emergency, class is canceled." I slowly stand up and head toward one of my favorite places: a nearby park.

I sit down on a bench and start sobbing. My life just fell apart. Why? Why? WHY???

Just then, I see a homeless man walking up the sidewalk. His clothes are old and threadbare, but neat. He walks closer. He looks down at me, sobbing my heart out. Much to my surprise, he lays his hand on my shoulder. "Son, look to Jesus." Then he walks away.

I sit, dumbfounded. I have been looking for fulfillment in my friends when I should have been looking to Jesus. He is the ultimate friend who will never betray or ridicule me. My tears disappear as I continue to ponder this.

Suddenly, I make up my mind. I need to go back. I need to be a witness for Christ, whether or not they mock.

I stand up and walk toward the university. I know there are trials ahead, but I am willing to face them.

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