It is ok to say "No"

Throughout the timeframe of twenty-four hours, there are several different things we say. Yes, I can’t, will you help me? Mom, dad, and the list goes on. But what about writing? Usually, when I sit at my computer with every intention of putting my thoughts on paper, my brain clicks off and I end up just binge watching a tv show or get into a good conversation with other writers. I have, therefore, turned my deadlines into maybe's, my urgencies into extensions, and my yes’s into no’s.

I wasn’t facing writer's block, I had several ideas, thoughts, and plot twists that I wanted to explore and put in the paths of my readers and in my own story that I’m currently working on, so what happened? Why couldn’t I just sit down and make my mind work so that I could write? I like to kinda explain it this way…… brain went to outer space to take a nap. There was complete oblivion, darkness, silence, and a dark emptiness that I couldn’t control. It was like my brain hit a kill switch and the breaker box blew all at once. To put it simply, I said no.

It was just easier to say no and call it a day.

That brings me to a confession. More than once, I push myself over my personal limit. I force myself to do things, to overcome obstacles, and when my body has had enough of my own personal, self-inflicted “work out” my own body starts shutting down. What you don’t see behind the weekly posting is someone who doesn’t believe in “I can’t”. I had to learn very quickly on how to adapt to my surroundings and realize that those surroundings could change at any given point in time, on top of keeping up with the daily routines I learned to expect the unexpected.I had to train myself, force myself even to do things. Which included my writing. This is one of the daily battles in an ever going war with a brain disorder.

You see, even right now writing this article, I have millions of different sentences, words, phrases, thoughts, all shouting at me at once. Fighting for which thought would be the loudest to get my attention. Which at times, can be extremely draining and therefore I have to say no. So what are you going to do? Push yourself over your physical drain limit to get things done and run the risk of wearing yourself out, or are you going to admit the weakness, say no, and take a break from writing?

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