I Challenge You To Conquer Inconsistency

Take a poll of hobby writers, and almost all of them will say that they don't write as often as they want to. I'm in that same boat. I will catch the "writer's bug" for a few days, but afterwards, I don't write for weeks on end. However, I have realized that my sporadic writing is doing very little to actually help me improve my writing ability.

So I'm going to change that.

I'm issuing a challenge to everyone here at Elysian, and everyone out there who's reading this:

Write 200 words every day this week.

It shouldn't be hard at all.

Two hundred words is just a couple paragraphs.

This challenge could jumpstart you into writing growth.

So will you join me in writing every day?

If so, say so in the comments, or on our social media pages.


1 comment:

  1. I'm totally doing this. I started yesterday (just forgot to comment) and I got carried away and ended up writing a 436 word poem.