Get Over Your Limitations

Last week, I was at a youth conference, one that I go to every year. One of the speakers, however, came up with a point in his message that made me think about it, not just regarding my walk with God, but in the case of my writing as well. His point? "Get Over Your Limitations."

My very first post on this blog was about being "unqualified" as a writer. This is taking it on a different level. Limitations are something that we all get stuck on. We see them as a brick wall, standing tall and in our way, leaving no way to get around them. They are a barrier, preventing us from moving any further in our writing.

Sure, maybe we can keep writing, keep adding to our project, but we're still stuck. We don't know just how to get past the fact that we're not experienced enough, or we're too young, or we just don't have what it takes. Our limitations, whether they are based on past experiences, present problems, or our expectations for the future, we allow them to take up our focus and get in the way. They're all our brain can focus on, sometimes.

If that's you, I want you to know that while I'm with you, I'm not entirely here to just encourage you, tell you it'll be okay, and send you off with a pat on the shoulders. Nope.

I'm here to tell you to sit down and tell your brain to shut up for a few seconds about your "limitations".

Limitations aren't real. We know they aren't because they go against all that God has told us and promised us. They say "Give up, this is impossible!", when God is telling us "Keep going, just a little further. You've got this!"

They tell us things can't be done, even though God has made all things possible. Limitations are nothing more than dreams that the devil has twisted, telling us lies to tear us down and keep us from succeeding. They take "I want to write this story for the world to see", and turn it into "I can't write this story, because the world would never accept me".

Which is why we've got to get over them. Literally and figuratively.

In a literal sense, we do have to get over them, one way or another. We've got to move on, leave them in the dust behind us as we march on to meet our dreams.
Figuratively, we're back at that wall. Stop trying to tear it down or convince it to go away. Just climb over the thing.

But maybe, you think, some of the limitations I've believed aren't that far from the truth. Maybe I am too shy, too anxious, or too insecure to ever make this work.

Well, that doesn't matter, either.

God doesn't use perfect people, he doesn't purposely look for and pick out the person with no limitations. He's always looked for those with limitations, because those are the people that bring His kingdom glory. They are the ones who light the way through their success.

And, from a writing perspective, honestly writers who've never had to overcome limitations are boring. We don't see them that often, because every writer has had to overcome some kind of limitation.

So don't lose heart, my friends. Get over that wall, get over that barrier, and get over that limitation. When the next one comes up, look it in the face, laugh, and then keep marching ahead. Don't let it entangle you, because really limitations have no hold on our destiny. Most of all, just keep writing.

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