Don't Stress Over Not Writing

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been writing/updating on here.
 I unintentionally dropped posting a few weeks ago (on both my blog, and here), partly due to VBS, which took up a lot of energy, it left me not wanting to do much else.
 And one last thing.

The. Heat. Peoples. It sure gets hot here before monsoon (this summer is worse).
Back to the point.
The first week or so I stressed out about how I should be writing and posting it (I post twice a week, so that seemed like a lot to miss).
But I don’t always need to post without fail.
It’s always good to recharge, take a break from, well anything, really.
While I still feel  bad for not posting consistently, I just didn’t have any motivation to write for anyone else.
Take note.
-Sometimes you need a break
-Not everything you write has to be posted for public viewing.
-Not everyone will care (not that people are heartless, mind you)

What should you do while you’re taking a break and feeling very unproductive?
-Maybe that thing that needs to be done, you’ve been avoiding? Yeah, that one.
-Read. Everything!
-Go out, do something, have an adventure. Drag someone along with you.
-Do something creative that has nothing to do with writing (food, paper crafting, etc.,)
While I’m sure this doesn’t even scratch the surface for reasons you should take a break when you need to, or what to do in the meantime, these are just a few ideas to keep your creative “juices” active, and ready for your next writing endeavor! Till next time!

-Kirstie Rhys

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