Turn of a Leaf

The party is here, the room is crowding
My vision is dimmed, my head is pounding
I’ll fight to stay for as long as I can
This migraine is not going to have its say again

Playing invisible is how I’ll get through
Staying in the back is how I’ll make do
The exit is beside me so now believe
If disaster strikes, I can sneak out and leave

An hour in and I’m losing my hearing
I feel a disaster creeping and nearing
The stone cold wall felt warm on my back
If I don’t go now, time I will lose track

My vision is black, dark as a cell
It’s completely frightening, can’t you tell?
Powerless to even cry and yelp
To find a solution, to seek and get help

Goodbye’s are said and I head towards the door
Go now before there’s a scene on the floor
Anxiety is a blinding, crippling thief
My life is changed like the turn of a leaf

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