June Writing Update (Anne Rhys)

Hello again, all writers, readers, and adventurers! Today is a general update for me and my writing.
What have I been doing? Being consistent! *and the crowd goes wild*

Blogging, for the most part, has become multitudes easier for me. I now have a set schedule, I'm totally okay with sharing my writing with people I've never even met (to a degree, some things I will never share). Blogging is now fun, instead of something to stress over (although let's face it, I still stress, a lot). 
Project wise, in November I completed my novels rough draft (I'm sure I've mentioned that already), I haven't embarked on the crazy thing called editing yet, although brainstorming to make the plot better and clearer is always happening. 
Back at the beginning of the year, I started a story, of which I posted a section every week (The Adventures of Tammy Poe), I have now decided to stop posting it publicly on my blog and publish it as a collection later on. 
However, I will still be posting fiction snippets every week.
In addition, I have a few short stories in the works. Which I may not share with the worldwide web. 
To sum this all up, I am learning consistency, perseverance, and well, writing, of course. 
See you next time! Let summer time begin! 

PS. As always we here at Writers of Elysian love guest posts, and those that would like to join our ranks!!
P.P.S. I love guest posts on my personal blog as well!

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