Coffee Shop Encounter (repost from Fathers Joy)

Hello all! Today is an excerpt of a short story I posted on my blog a bit ago, follow the link to read the rest!

"Liam read the text message, disbelieving what it held. He sat in the coffee shop loft/library. For

minutes his thoughts flew around, trying to make sense of what he was reading. "Is this true? Is it a scam? What should I say? Should I just leave it?"
Finally, he decided to reply with, "Ryan...? Is that really you?"
And then to try and alleviate his own mood he added, "You still have my number, huh?"
He pressed 'enter' and waited. His friend's message had been sent nearly twenty minutes ago.
He must have been too busy writing, with his headphones in, to notice the phone vibrating.
Liam paced the floor, stopping at the railing to gaze down at the people below. Some sat just as silently as he had been, some sat in groups and joked around. While others just stood in line and left without another word, coffee in hand.
Brow furrowed he listened for a sound, any sound to come from his phone.
When a sound did come he nearly jumped out of his skin.With a sigh of relief, he realized it was only someone come up to the library."

Hope you enjoyed that! If you did, here's the link to the rest of it!

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