We are not the same

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Be heard! Be strong! Be proud!
I remember hearing those words for the first time as a song lyric in the 2011 Disney Channel Original movie, Lemonade Mouth. The movie tells the story of five high school students who meet in detention, form a band (Lemonade Mouth), and use that as a platform to challenge their individual conflicts as well as school conflicts and become a voice for the voiceless in their high school. But these members didn’t just change their high school, they individually changed, they let their music, their passion, change them. Not only did it change them, but who they were before was gone.

As writers, we are no different.
We’ve gone from being “good enough” or just doing enough to pass by to want to become better. To BE better. To share what we have with the world through the words we write. And the people we were before, aren’t there anymore, we’re no longer the quiet introverts locking ourselves away in our rooms, pounding away at our keyboards until the letters break. We interact with other people. Now whether or not they’re other writers or characters of our own creation is a different story. If we were to write this song She’s So Gone as a parody for writers, I think the chorus would be something like this:

We’re so gone
That's so over now
We’re so gone
You won't find us around
You can look but you won't see
The person we used to be
'Cause we’re
We’re  so gone away
Like history
We’re so gone
Oh, this is me, yeah

From not knowing what we’re doing to sharing the knowledge we know, we’ve done the impossible. As Stella once said in the movie:
“I don’t just want to be another face that no one remembers in a yearbook, I want to be heard”

We may look like the same people, but once our writing takes over, we are not the same.