The story of World Changers!

Hello, fellow Elysian readers,
For the last several weeks we’ve been writing on well……...what we do best. Writing. How to do it, the words we use, motivation, and I can’t remember what else we individually covered. Well…...we decided to do something a little bit different for today. We wanted to tell you the story of some friends of ours that started something which inspired this blog. Brett Harris, his wife Ana, Jaquelle Crowe, and the YWW.

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Shortly after Brett and his wife got married in 2012, they discovered that Ana had late stage Lymes Disease. Now fast forward to February 13, 2017. After a few years of getting well in New York, and moving to Brett’s hometown Portland, Oregon, they discovered that there was black mold lining the walls of their Portland apartment building of which they lived in for a small amount of months, leaving everything behind and fleeing in hopes of saving Ana’s life. Since then, they’ve been living in the desert (literally) and now currently in Wyoming with their car, camping gear that is considered “safe” for Ana, and very little of nothing else.

This is their story, and here is how you can help.

You can help with prayer.  

So, you may be wondering why exactly their situation relates to all of you and this blog. Well, without YWW, without Brett and Ana, we never would have met. The Writers of Elysian would never have gotten together, and this blog would never have been started. If it weren’t for the two of them, we wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. If it weren’t for the ideas of Brett, and Jaquelle, you would not have this blog pulled up on your screen right now. What YWW and Brett, Ana, and Jaquelle have done for us is something that we will never be able to thank them for, as it has affected all of us in so many different ways.

I remember reading a little red book entitled “Do Hard Things” when I myself was 16. That book was about two teenage brothers challenging their peers on using their teenage years for the glory of God while they were young. When I was 18, I read their second book, Start Here. With two Do Hard Things University classes under my belt, I really saw my passion for writing once I prioritized several different things that I thought was important. Even though I seriously started picking it up when I was 19. Brett and Jaquelle Crowe started what myself and a little over four hundred other young writers call Y-Dubs off of an idea. And that idea is what is helping us become potential young authors.
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Jaquelle Crowe is also a young author herself. At the age of eighteen, not only is she the editor in chief of The Rebelution, she published her first book "This Changes Everything: How the Gospel transforms the Teen years". That book, as Jaquelle herself would say, is the chicken nugget for Christianity.

Both Brett and Jaquelle have helped us in so many ways that none of us could have imagined on our own, that is why Y-Dubs is more than just an awesome place to hang out, get writing encouragement, prompts in both the fiction and nonfiction areas, and got me back into the love of writing, its ROCK mazing. (you’re welcome Jaquelle)


  1. I love Brett and Jaquelle!! This is all so true!! :)

    1. Same Karissa. They've helped me so much in my own writing <3

  2. I will always remember the day I first saw "Do Hard Things" on my cousin's shelf. And that day is the cornerstone of my brand new life. I'd recommend "Brand New Life" by Colton Dixon, it's a very good song that also was another stone to my new life. This is my first time commenting on a blog such as yours.