Practice Writing With Prompts

You know what's really awesome? Writing prompts. I as a perfectionist love it when I have something to write off of, or to make it easier, someone to tell me what I should write. But obviously that's not always going to work, besides, I don't always want someone to boss me around about what I definitely should be writing.
One thing that helps with figuring out what to write about, when you sit down to write, are writing prompts (of course, since that's the whole point of this post). No matter how long your piece is, how long you sat down to write, it helps you get better.
They have helped me write on the spot, I can now more easily be creative with my stories. Even though I don't always use those little pieces for a bigger story (or even share what I wrote) they are still contributing to my writing skills and experience. \
They also allow me to experiment with different situations or genres. Writing prompts can also have totally different outcomes from the same prompt. It's like Choose Your Own adventure, and each author writes an individual path the scenario can take. 
As I mentioned before I can write the most random stories on the spot now, they may not get finished though. Earlier yesterday the phone rang, I couldn't immediately get up and see who it was, so my brother went and got it, but I thought (right as I realized I couldn't get up in time) "I'm kinda tied up at the moment." And, as a result of that, I came up with a writing prompt! Which I shared on the YWW Community site.

*phone rings* 
"Can you get the phone?"
"No, I'm kinda tied up at the moment...Literally."

When I thought of this prompt, I was picturing something slightly sinister happening (no I haven't written anything on it yet), maybe a mix of the scene from Arsenic and Old Lace (highly recommend it, Carey Grant stars in it), a mixture of humor and sinister. But another YWW'er shared a piece she wrote, and it went completely humorous. So many different unique ways each writer can take the story. Use prompts, they are super helpful, write your own, store them for later, incorporate an idea into your story, there are endless possibilities! 
Challenge. Write a paragraph using the above prompt, I'd love to see what y'all come up with in the comments below! 
Until next time!

Romans 15:13


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  1. Awesome post!!! I love writing prompts so much XD :D