How To Outline Your Novel (Worksheet)

'Ello everyone! Sorry about this, but I got muddled with homework and haven't the time to give you a nice long insightful post. Instead, I'm sharing with you this worksheet for outlining your novel that I put together to outline my own book series.
I based it off of Arella's post about story structure (which helped me splendidly) For those of you who read my blog, I know I just shared it on there too, and apologize for a bit of a double post. But I figure it can reach more humans on this platform than on my own, so not a total waste. Anyways, here it is, along with some notes I wrote for ya'll to assist you in filling this worksheet out. Thank'ee kindly! *salutes*

Notes For Using This Worksheet: I recommend elaborating on each point as much as you can. Note that the more you understand each point the better you'll be able to understand where you're going. For the first point I simply wrote my idea for the opening scene (it really helps to know both the opening and the closing scenes of your novel(s) if you are writing a series) as well as events leading up to my first plot point, or inciting incident.  I will also note that, while this is typical story structure/format, it by no means has to remain within those guidelines.
 If you have any other questions regarding story structure, you can email me and I'd be happy to assist, or leave your question in the comment below! 
The last three points on this worksheet are optional, but useful if you're trying to outline a series, which believe me is a whole other blog post (if not two). I will admit that when outlining my book I did not fill out the 'Ideas' point because I find that question vague and unconvincing. Totally wasn't references Rogue One. Promise. Those last four point are just to get your brain working anyways, so you can 'read your novel at a glance'. Hope that helps you with outlining your novel(s). I know it helped me. 

And that's it! Sorry again, if you have any questions please do leave a comment so I can help you when I have more time. Sorry, Sorry, I keep goofing up my posts....

Until the Dimming of the Stars, My Beloved Readers

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