Appreciating Our Mothers As Children And Writers

Why do we need a specific day out of the year to make us remember we have an awesome mother?
To tell us she does everything for us helps us with things we couldn’t do alone, drives you everywhere.
Hasn’t she raised you your  whole life? (which is what, around sixteen years?) 365 days, which is more than 5,000 days she’s on full time.
You’ve heard the “why can’t we celebrate Jesus’ birth all the time, celebrate His sacrifice, be thankful year round.” No doubt you’ve heard that about Mother’s Day too. But maybe it should be a ‘thing’ as the youngin’s call it.
Ways you can appreciate your mother, all year long.
Get up: don’t dilly-dally in bed all day long. Be responsible, you can do it.
Get things done: chores are a way to do that, anything you have to do throughout the day. This definitely shows your responsibility as well, and it’s something else she won’t have to worry about.
Be positive: don’t go crankily through what you have to do. When you have a job, will you grumble at your boss? Most likely not.
Respectful: I’d say the same as above as well as, their time, they have things to do, just like you, but take the things you have to do and multiply it about 6 times (probably more) and that’s how much they have to get done in a day.
In the Bible, one of the commandments (come on y’all’ve heard it) is to honor your mother and father. It doesn’t say choose one day to leave them alone or make them breakfast or do whatever they want (though that’s probably great).
So I gave y’all some things for all time, but, for today? We’re writers, we write stuff, here’s another great opportunity to show your awesome skill (okay, just kidding, today is not for you to show off) at what you do.
Mother’s day cards! Create something she’ll love, just for her! If you’re like me, you don’t like buying ready tailored cards that simply have three words on them, “Happy Mother’s Day” doesn’t even come close to how appreciative we are (or should be). Maybe you don’t write long cards? That’s okay, I don’t either (unless it’s specifically a letter, then I don’t stop…)
Create a card themed with something she loves (an interest, flowers, a movie) something humorous.
Whatever it is, I’m sure she’ll love it!
 Happy Mother’s day to you all out there (especially the mothers). Hope y’all have a blessed day, and rest of the year!

 Romans 15:13

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