12 Blogging Resources

I’m sure you know by now that we consider A Blog to be an efficient and effective platform for your writing. First of all it creates motivation to write, and as a plus, it gets it out there for even more people to see! It even captures all your best work into one place, onto a neat and personality-shined backdrop. In many awesome ways and reasons. This blog, the Writers of Elysian, campaigns to help other writers out there. And I know there are quite a few bloggers in the mix! So, as a tribute to all the wisdom-filled bloggers we love and adore, and as possibly an orientation for any new bloggers, let us proceed on this boot camp of blogging resources!

  1. Blogging for Books:
Someone commented this link on the Young Writers Workshop and I clicked on it just to see what would happen! It turned out to be amazing! Basically, you blog for books. I signed up and they already sent me my first book -FOR FREE- to write a book review about! If you write any nonfiction about books, this might be for you. You don’t need a credit card or anything! *mindblown*

  1. Canva:
Makes GREAT graphics for blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything else imaginable! I’ve used it for years. Highly recommend. (PS. Makes amazing book covers.)

  1. Blog Post or Story Generator:
I know, you guys write on both nonfiction and fiction blogs. But I actually got a lot of nonfiction ideas from this generator, as well as fiction ideas of course! Check it out!

  1. Mailchimp.

How to get people to subscribe and receive emails everytime you post a post! 

Wanna get more views? This is a helpful platform.

I’ve actually been wanting to do this. I need to try it out!

     9.) Unsplash - FREE stock photos
There are a TON of amazing stock photos you can pair with Canva to make professional-looking graphics or just a decoration to go with your blogpost. I use it almost every day! Beware though, there may be some bad apples in the bunch. Sadly. However this is really awesome (I’m pretty sure the Rebelution uses this).

How to make money off your blog.


    12.) On Using Subheadings
I first saw subheadings on the Rebelution.com, and started to format my own articles that way. This is why they are important!

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of blog editing, marketing, and writing tips. Since I started to blog again a couple months ago, I’ve been needing a lot of help. Hopefully this is helpful to you in your all blogging endeavors, whether you haven’t started one yet or you’ve had it for a hundred years. So to the young and old, the few and many, the varied bloggers amongst our congregation: Merry Blogging to all, and to all a good night!

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