Why Do I Write?

Dear readers,
For a little over a month now, (wow! Has it really been that long?) I've been sharing my thoughts, advice, tips, tricks, and encouragement with you along with my fellow writers. In my author bio and in the project space (aka "Our Writing"), you will find my teeny tiny paragraph of who I am as a writer and the projects I'm working on.

Those are only glimpses or windows of a bigger picture. Only painted by God, that I want to share with you.
Growing up, I really didn't have much of a vocabulary. So, I gave way to my imagination and let my mind write the stories I could never pen down. I remember therapies for speech on at least three to four different occasions. and if I'm honest, I hated grammar completely. Diagramming a sentence was fine, but I was not going to touch any form of punctuation. Even in my very bad but early attempts at writing, I used as little as possible. It just didn't make sense.

Then I had this bright idea called poetry at the young age of 19. I could write what I wanted, when I wanted, and not have to worry about rules and regulations of grammar. College came a few years later, and so did this wonderful thing called...PAPERS! It was then that I started to develop my sense of paragraphs, word structure, and the thought of articles was born. Including the idea of a book. And well, one thing led to another, and you see what we have today.

So, why do I write? I don't write because I have to write, but because I get to write.

Because I get to write:
I get to share my story with people in a way that would otherwise make this introvert spin on her heels and run the other way. Not because she's that introverted, but because she doesn't know when to shut up.
I get to finally have a voice and reach places that I physically am not able to reach.
I get to share HIS story in my life in a way that only God makes possible.
I get to interact with people in a way that would make it less awkward on all accounts.

Do I have to write? No. I write because I know that only God would give me, someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder, a passion to do the impossible, to bring Him glory.


  1. Thank you!
    Here's the quote i felt really epitomizes it: "I get to share HIS story in my life in a way that only God makes possible."
    I want to write something that blows a reader out of this life into reality and pulls them back in to real life with new joy and meaning.
    Thank you.
    God bless you and your writing so much.