The Story Behind My Blog

We are too comfortable. This is the message you constantly hear me teach. What you do not yet know, is how God taught ME this. How God convicted me about this issue.
To quote Tangled, “This is the story of how I Died”.
How I died to self and learned to love people the way God does.

I struggled with whether or not to go on this short-term mission trip. It was with a church other than my own, I was 16, and I was unsure. My friend and I both prayed about it for a week. When we came to talk to each other, we still felt like we did not have clear direction from God.
We needed to give our confirmation to the church if we were going to go. We decided to pray about it for one more night and then talk the next day. The next day we both felt like we had a clear answer. We met at our local park and decided to say whether or not we were going to go. Simultaneously we said, “Going”. We had direction from God.
We went to Salt Lake City, Utah to witness. The day we got there we went up into the mountains and looked down over the city. Tomorrow would begin the work and witnessing. As we prayed over the city, Utah, and America, I had this overwhelming wave come over me.
Behind me was a city almost entirely headed to hell. Yet we are so comfortable to not even speak to people. People are going to HELL for ETERNITY and I wonder if we even care. How can we possibly be so selfish? I started not just crying, but weeping over this city and all of the souls within. God laid such a burden on my heart that day. I was in awe of my loving creator and dumbstruck by the arrogance of Christians. How can we stand to keep this message to ourselves?
 My life was forever changed by this moment in time. 
Because of this “God Moment”, I got home and wrote my first article for titled “We are Too Comfortable”. And that also jump-started my writing career. This moment in time caused me to begin writing, get articles published, start a blog, begin writing a book, start witnessing more often, and begin living a life sold-out for Christ.
However, you do not need your own “God Moment” in order to start living this way. I have been so convicted about this topic and I am so passionate about it. I hope that I can pass some of that on to you my dear friends.
Have a beautiful day and choose to be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel!
xoxo ❤


  1. WOW!! Thank you so much for this Emma! KUDOS TO YOU FOR YOUR LIFE AND LOVE FOR GOD!!