Online Tools for Writers

Hello, everybody, it's James again with a fresh dose of tech for writers. Today I'm going to introduce you to some awesome online writing tools. Each one of these tools addresses a particular problem writers have, such as staying focused or organising your thoughts.

Distraction-Free Writing: Calmly Writer

The easiest way to describe Calmly Writer is a blank screen. When you go to the site, you are faced with nothing more than a blinking cursor. However, it has some nifty features hiding under the surface. You can find them by clicking on the little icon in the upper left corner. It also supports autosave, which is a must for writers. :) If you're looking for a great distraction-free writing experience, check out Calmly Writer.

Outlining and Organising: Dynalist

Whether you're writing a research paper or a novel, you should make it a habit to outline beforehand. With Dynalist, this just got a whole lot easier. Dynalist organises everything as bullet points. Think of it as an outline that you can sync between all your devices. That way, you could type up your outline on your computer. Then, when you're ready to actually write, you could open up your outline on your phone and work with the two side by side.

Blocking out Noise: A Soft Murmur

I come from a big family, so I rarely have a quiet place to work. However, recently I discovered A Soft Murmur. It's basically just a customizable noise maker. When you go to the site, it gives you options for different kinds of ambient noise, such as a coffee shop, or crickets, or a thunderstorm. When I need to block out noise, I just plug in some headphones and turn it on.

Note-Taking: Evernote

I had been looking for a good note-taking app for a while when I finally ran across one of the most commonly used ones: Evernote. After using it for a while, I realized why it's so popular. Not only can you write in it, but it also supports images, videos, Google Docs, even to-do lists. It quickly became an integral part of my writing.

I hope you find some of these online writing tools useful. If you know of any others that I missed, be sure to let me know in the comments below!


  1. Noisli is another nice site for background noise!

  2. This was a great one! Thank you for these!

  3. Thank you! Calmly Writer looks intriguing. Though i think Google docs could be used instead of Dynalist, couldn't it?
    God bless you.