News from the Castle

Greetings from Elysian!
Six weeks ago, we had the privilege of adding a couple of interns onto our team, fully knowing that they were not, in any way, committed to becoming a full team member by if they didn’t wish to. Well, I’m happy to introduce you too…..

Arella has been one of our interns that has not only enjoyed writing for and with us here at Elysian, and the rest of the blog team, but has been asking us for the past few days or so to officially become a member and join the team.
So, without further adieu, feel free to head over to our “About The Author’s” page, or comment below and give her a hearty welcome. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store when it comes to writing and because we are so happy to bring her aboard and have her join us, that we’re each doing a huge happy dance and throwing the biggest virtual party ever.

(Natalie volunteers to clean up the confetti mess that will happen in the very near future)
*confetti mess ensues thanks to king and tyrant*


  1. *brushes confetti off* Yay! I can't wait to read your writing, Arella!

    1. Thank you! Sorry I'm so late, I was at a convention all morning. Thanks to the entire Elysian team for letting me join in the first place! <3

  2. Welcome to the team Arella! I adore your name!!! <3

  3. Yay!! *runs in rectangles* Such a joy to have you! :D