My Friend (a poem by Thomas J. Corley)

Due to me not getting it together, I am just going to share one of my favorite poems. Enjoy! 

At last I am convinced that now I have a friend,
One to be depended on up to the very end.
He may not be what-you-might-call a beauty to behold,
But in my eyes he’s cherished more than twice his weight in gold.
Companions, people say today, are rather hard to find,
At least those sympathetic to your wants and ever kind.
Some folks are never happy, except with something new
But I’m content with this one friend, already tried and true.
His wants are very simple, this faithful friend of mine.
He doesn’t smoke-doesn’t drink, not even find grade wine.
He seldom voices temperament and never acts the clown,
But like a well-bred gentleman, always holds his ground.
When sadness sometimes clouds my day, he too absorbs my mood,
And then again when joy abounds, he’s playful but not rude.
His understanding excels that which many others feel
And still he cannot drive a car or even guide a wheel.
When duty calls me far away, it’s hard to long endure the absence of this one true friend who misses me, I’m sure.
But now I’m glad he’s sitting near this warm fire of log.
You must have guessed, I’m sure you know, this friend is my dog.
-In memory of our dog, Penny. (RIP April 2017)

(Note: This is a poem from an old book called ‘A Collection of Poems’ by Thomas J. Corley, I could not find anything about him, so I am typing out the poem, although, I do believe I saw the books on Amazon, though)

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