Living Limitlessly piece by piece

As writers, we have the ability or power to do things to our characters in our stories. And those characters make us cry, laugh, angry, a handful of emotions, some of them singularly, or all at once. Sometimes, we like to throw in our backgrounds to the background of a certain character. I personally have seen this done and they’ve become some of my favorite books. But what about us?

I remember a few days after we launched this blog, my fellow writers and I were discussing something writing related, and we always cued certain points with our “theme music”. Well, that later became Colton Dixon’s Limitless. When you look at our “About the authors” page, you can see that we’re all different ages and from different backgrounds with different writing styles. We’re too young to be having a blog together. Too average to be writing about our passion, much less, give tips and advice to others.

To shy? Absolutely. Most of us are complete introverts and create more awkward silence on a video chat then we ever do via text. Whereas there are others on our team that is on the other end of the MBTI scale and as complete extroverts they could be considered to bold. But yet, all nine of us want to make a difference for the glory of God alone in our lives. Even though the world has basically told us that we can’t or don’t expect us, to do so. And if we fall down, scrape our knees, don’t meet our writing goal for the day or what have you, it's completely fine with us. We just pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and carry on.

Wait? Aren’t we supposed to be bold for Christ and what He’s done for us? We think that….
No more impossible
So much far too difficult, we know
that our God is greater
Oh wake up you dreamers
Become make-believers
This is who we are

God brought each of us together for a reason. I personally believe that He put everyone on earth for a reason and that is to glorify Himself with all that we do. Now what we do with that and how we use it is up to us. Think of it as a story. God, is an author, pen in hand and writing a beautifully perfect story that we, get to take part of as a piece of His creation. Isn’t it beautiful? But yet, like every good story, there has to be a dilemma, a reason for a hero. The reason? We, broke God’s perfect creation by the name of sin when Adam and Eve ate the fruit as described in the book of Genesis. Now let's jump to what I like to call my favorite part of the story is the sacrifice of the hero.

Because you see, we couldn’t save ourselves. We couldn’t “fix” what we had broken. Just like a character in a book can’t right any wrongs unless the author wrote it in as part of the plot. That is why, God sent His Son, Jesus to fix what we had broken. To make the imperfect, perfect again. And only through Jesus, can we be called sons and daughters of God.

Therefore, by accepting Christ’s sacrifice as an atonement, of God’s wrath on our behalf, we are living limitlessly piece by piece.

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