What to Expect From This Blog

A Post By The Collective Writers of Elysian

Welcome, fellow writers, to Elysian!
To start things off we thought we’d give you a grand tour of the place, as well as let you know what kind of posts and content you can expect from each of us individually. I won’t take up all your time, however, because not only are we going to use this post to show you the ropes around here, we plan on introducing ourselves through doing so! Now that I’ve said my part, it’s time mine compatriots said theirs! So take it away, my friends! Enjoy the rest of this post.
~Bethany H. Vela
The Five W's and an H of Navigation
We’ll use the 5 W’s and the H to help us explain this site. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. You can find out Who we are by checking out the “About the Authors” page. Then, if you’ll take yourself over to the homepage, you’ll see What the latest and greatest posts are. By now if you’re thinking, “I love this blog! When are they going to post again?”, you should take a look at the “Upcoming Posts” calendar. There, you can see who’ll be posting next and when.

The reason behind this blog, the purpose, the Why comes from YWW, the Young Writers Workshop. Led by Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe, it is a gathering place for young writers where anyone can gain inspiration and advice. If you’re at all interested in writing, either as a hobby or to get published, you should definitely check it out. Afterward, if you’d like to know How to get ahold of us, we always love comments. In addition, we gladly take emails at: WritersOfElysian.YWW.Blog@gmail.com.

~James E. Hall

How This All Works

You there! Yes, you. Stop looking at me like that! If you’re wondering how this works, do not fear. Today is the day where you will find out everything there is to know. About this website, anyway. Bethany, with her wonderful expertise and fantastical ideas, has connected all us far away writers together on one blog. We are already having such a great time, silently collaborating behind our computers. And we are so excited to launch this.
On this blog, there will be multiple posts by multiple authors per week which you can all look forward to enjoy! On the “Upcoming Posts” tab you will find a deliciously professional Google Calendar with the weekly schedule of writers and their upcoming topics. I hope you will check into our little blog every few moments, just waiting for the news. And don’t forget - if you think you might miss a post - there’s always that one subscribe button at the bottom.
So what can you expect from these so-called posts we have been talking about? Don’t worry, we have a whole master plan just ready to set in place. On the posts we will be writing there will be writing quotes, writing tips, writing testimonies, anecdotes about our writing, tricks to help your writing grow, steps to further inspire you, and possibly a joke or two. But most often? I plan on sharing my heart, squeezing out all the words of our soul for all you dear readers out there. I hereby promise that I will do my absolute best to fulfill my role and take my part in this absolutely wonderful group. This little society of young writers. The Writers of Elysian. You can do it too! Wanna guest post? Contact us. There’s a whole world of potential just waiting to be explored.
~ Karissa J. Bird
YWW - Our Passion
How to explain the Youth Writers Workshop? I never dreamed there were so many young Christian writers with the same interests, love of writing, and a desire to serve God. I couldn’t believe it when, several months ago, a friend forwarded an email from Brett Harris (ya know, the one who wrote Do Hard Things at 19?) declaring he was going to start a writer’s workshop for young writers. Me over in my little corner was excited, but, deep down, I had a feeling it was going to be an in person deal, really expensive, and far, far away. I was so wrong! It is a fantastically amazing online community run by Brett Harris, and Jaquelle Crowe where young writers can interact, learn from lessons, as well as their peers, and above all, explore their passion for writing!

~Kirstie Rhys
Bigger on the Inside
Underneath the Our Writing tab is where you’ll find all of the random writing projects the authors are working on, and links to where you can read the projects. We’ll constantly be updating the page with all of our latest projects, so keep checking it! It makes us seem more human, ya know? Another way for you to get to know us is under the About The Authors tab where you’ll find neat little introductions from all of us Writers Of Elysian, and links to all of our personal blogs! So, to paraphrase what Bethany would say, Writers of Elysian is a resource of a resource with more resources inside! Just think of it as the Tardis and you’ll be fine. ;)
-Amaris K. Watje
Annual Posts
By Karissa Bird and the Blog Dictator That is Bethany
Everyone needs accountability. Everyone needs encouragement! And everyone needs to look back at their accomplishments to see how far they have come. Here, we have all of these things. And With our Weekly Wordcount post, we not only encourage each other, but hopefully, inspire you. Our Author of the Month is another way we plan on lifting each other up and encouraging each other to keep writing and struggling, no matter how hard it gets. Once a week, yours truly will highlight a WE member who has gone above and beyond to remain consistent in their posting, as well as in helping run the site overall, and providing awesome content for you, our readers.
~Karissa J. Bird & Bethany H. Vela
A Note on Our Hyper-Focused OCD Founder
By Anne Rhys, Natalie Marie, and Bethany H. Vela
Bethany drinks excessive amounts of tea, loves saluting, and well, it was her idea for this blog, it’s her fault I’m here!
-Anne Rhys
No good team functions without a  good leader….Bethany is our “team Captain.” Not only is she sitting on her side of the blog delegating on what needs to be done, but she pitches in and gets her hands dirty herself. Along with her mug-sized tea cup. She also makes the whole experience fun even though we tell her that she’s NOT bossing us around or being a control freak.
~Natalie Marie
They're lying. I am king and tyrant *evil malicious laughter* The truth is that without each individual member of this team pitching in and giving it their all, we wouldn't be here. My co-admins have been amazing with writing, organizing, and helping run this place. I'm grateful for their help, and I am glad to have this blog, because, without it, I never would have come to know them as I do, and that is unacceptable. My teammates have become my friends, and even in the short time I've known them, I've become ridiculously fond of them. Without their help and encouragement, none of this would be here. Which would be a shame, because it is my personal belief that this place is going to help a lot of people. You don't have to take it from me though! See for yourselves! Look around! Search! Explore! There's much to be found. So don't look at me, I just live here *sips tea and curls up beneath the blog header for a nap*
~"King and Tyrant" Bethany H. Vela
Once again, we are not perfect, just perfectly imperfect. We’re all newcomers just like you! Some of us have been writing less than a year, some, almost ten. Regardless, we hope to share any knowledge we have picked up along the way and pass it on to you. We aren’t experts, but then, neither were the experts when they first started either! If you have any questions, comments, or are in need of prayer, we’re here for you, and more importantly, God is here for you too.  We may give each other a hard time off of WE, but we do respect each other individually. Even when it comes down to loyal sports teams(or lack of), the different states from where we’re all from, we still virtually sit down in a meeting room via several different computers drinking our favorite drinks. Whether that be tea, water, pop, and my personal favorite…..COFFEE!
~Natalie Marie


  1. I love this, this is so great! Awesome job everyone!

  2. Congratulations to you and your friends, Natalie, for getting this project started! :)