The Elysian

Welcome to the fallen world, where all the lost reside. 
Allow us to light a candle, and let us be your guide.
Tread careful if you wish to, walk lightly if you can, but here the rivers flow full of ink, so take a pen in hand....
If you’re a traveler oh so weary, or a dreamer lost in thought, we hope to be your helping hands, from which your words are wrought.
So let me show you magic, it’s not so hard to see. You only have to close your eyes, and let your thoughts run free. 
And slowly through the darkness, we hope you’ll see a light, to guide you through the shadow, and bring you through the night. 
Your words are always with you, even when they depart. They live and breathe inside you, and hold onto your heart.
Though fate might try to tear you, far, oh far away. Still know they’re always waiting, wherever your pen might lay. 

~The Elysian,               
Bethany H. Vela


  1. This is so beautiful, Bethany.

  2. I love this poem, Bethany, I really do! :) It's mysterious and meaningful, unique and beautiful, AND about writing. I wouldn't change a thing. :) Thanks for sharing!