The W. E.

The Writers of Elysian.

The W. E.

This blog makes me happy. These initials make me happy. Funny how they come together so perfectly, almost as if they remind me of something else.

W. E.

Whit’s End.

This perfect, unintentional analogy is perfect for who we are, for what we stand for. Because just like Whit’s End of Adventures in Odyssey, we are a place to connect, to band our livelihood worries and cares, and to relax in friendly conversation.

Cmas AIO wallpaper 1280.pngThis blog. Whit’s End. It’s not the latest thing. Not outdated, but not new either. It’s a little old-fashioned, don’t you think? I mean, blogs were super popular back in my childhood and all the moms had them to post pictures of their kids before Facebook and Instagram were invented. And today, those forgotten websites are forever archived on the back corners of the Internet. But not us. Whit’s End is sort of unique in that aspect, too. We’re both old-fashioned. Never growing old, never being the latest trendy thing, but always a cozy place of warm fuzzies and adventure.

Adventure. The Imagination Station. We writers have always longed for a machine like this, a shortcut to the story we want to write. That’s what we’re here for too although we don’t have an Imagination Station, much less any sort of gizmo or gadget. All we have is the imagination from which, if we try, we gain ideas, writing prompts, and the means to write something out of the ordinary. Here we have all these things and more.

In Odyssey, Mr. Whitaker was “the” person to confide in if you needed real deep advice for handling the muck of your soulful desires. Here, we have a whole bundle of writers packaged up and ready for you to ask any sorts of questions. No, we are not experts and could never do Mr. Whitaker justice. Still though, this is a place to gather a wealth of information and advice for all your writerly needs. The front counter per say. We have that here, a warm place to curl up with a spot of tea and collaborate, glean from each others’ experiences, teaching tips and tricks, and helping each other in any way we can. Everything basically, except for the ice cream.

We’re small and cozy. Whit’s End was a small town, not the place for vacations and certainly not over-populated. While we may want to be large and famous and spectacular, we are simply a tiny blog platform. But that might be a good thing in some ways. Small talk and small environments simply create a realistic group of helping hands we couldn’t do otherwise. We can candidly talk, build relationships, and become friends even if it’s just over the Internet. Here at the front counter.

Yes, I know Whit’s End of Odyssey isn’t technically a real place. In fact, the Writers of Elysian isn’t an actual place either - it’s a community. Friendship and helping each other through the wires of electronical messages. Encouraging and being a listening ear to a friend in need. But that’s what we are all about.

Now let’s go out and “See if this thing works!”

P. S. Have you ever been to Odyssey?