The Name's Block..... Writer's Block.

You sit down. The paper is stark and clean, begging​ to be marred by dark ink. The letter keys are waiting to create a harmony of tapping as your eloquent words flow out of you in a beautiful gushing stream….
but suddenly, the keys are hard to press down. The pen is now heavy in your fingers. And the persistent beeping of the clothes dryer has awakened your wrath and you will arise in fury and destroy it with your war hammer!
You've got writers block, and there's no denying it.
Peeps, admit it. We've all been there. We've all found that our creativity stream is all plugged up and felt like an utter failure as a writer. And whenever this disease struck, I always threw down my pen and stalked away from my notebook in disgust, and then wouldn't touch a pen for months. But I've found that this is the worse way to deal with writer's block, especially if you're trying to improve your writing. So here are three ways to conquer that infamous villain and stand victorious on the bloody field of battle!
  1. A story journal. Keep an archive of all the writing ideas you've ever had, even if they're less than ink-worthy. You won't believe how valuable it is to archive those little inspiration bursts. Whenever you get stuck, yank out that notebook and pick an idea that you already came up with.
  2. A writing challenge. Pick a cool artistic photo off the internet, or a lyric to one of your favorite songs, set a timer for 20 minutes, and create a story about whatever you chose. This is one of my favorite ways to dislodge that blocked creativity pipe in my mind. This challenge is incredibly fun to do with friends.
  3. Go back to an old story and edit/rewrite it. Tweaking some of your past work is a fantastic method to get your mind back into writing mode.
And that's it! Hope this helps, guys! Till next time, cheerio!

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  1. This is awesome. Really good tips. Love how you write! ~Karissa