How Do I Start Writing?

Having trouble figuring out how to get started on your writing hobby/career?
Think you want to start writing but are overwhelmed by every category, style, genre, or career path that has to do with writing?
No worries, I wouldn’t freak out just yet. Start small. If you don’t know what you want to do with your writing, start with a smaller project and work your way up.
Journaling. This helps with many things, writing skills, style, remembering things, working things out with your thoughts etc.,
I didn’t start out journaling. I started by horribly copying my sister's story (it was bad). I did journal, but it was also, not good. It did nothing. All I did was write down every minute thing I did, like a list, almost. Not what I thought, just a general recording of what physically happened, just like what happens in everyone else's daily lives. Not, how I felt, my opinion, what I wanted. Not my dreams, my passions, my hopes, goals. Or what I’d experienced. I think a part of me thought someone would read my inner-most thoughts, and something like Harriet the Spy would ensue.
The reason I am suggesting journaling is because it’s easy (okay, maybe not for everybody), but it’s private, there’s no criteria on how you write it, or how long.
If you do write a journal like I used to, I’m not criticizing, it just didn’t work for me. In fact, my mindset of ‘I have to update this every day’, didn’t work. In Spring 2016, I decided to keep a life journal. Only written in when I felt like I needed it, and not necessarily to practice writing, it was more to get my thoughts out on paper, or think through something.
But for now, it is a helpful exercise for the starting point of your writing goals.
Write down something you did. How you felt when it happened, here’s an example, taken from something that happened to me, although was never journaled…

‘Today in class (culinary), my teammates and I were making a sauce, with garlic. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure it was mainly a garlic sauce to put on our main dish. I’ve forgotten what it was. After rushing around and working on various parts of the dish, we realized the our garlic sauce had started to burn. We quickly rescued it. Thinking it was ruined. But. It tasted awesome!! Apparently our teacher wasn’t surprised at all, but, I had never thought about before, I guess. I love garlic, and that incident made it even more awesome.’

While I know this probably isn’t the best example, and I may not be ‘perfect’ at it either, it will get you writing, and I would encourage you to explore different types of writing, such as poetry, or just...Anything!
Write down your surroundings, observations, make up a life story for a random person walking down the street. (okay, that last one sounds like a stalker…)
Experimenting is the key to finding what works for you! See you next time! In the meantime, write!

-Romans 15:13-

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  1. Ha, love the last one! Thanks for the reminder to go journal, a "helpful exercise" as you said. *thumbs up* ~Karissa