Finding Time To Write

Finding Time To Write

          Hello once again, fellow writers, wordsmiths, poets, bards, and creators! It’s the start of a new week! Where’s the time gone??? Anyways, I’ll dive ‘write’ in (hehe).
Don’t know when you should write, how you can fit it into your busy schedule? Think you couldn’t possibly fit it in, ‘like’, ever?
Well, I’m here to help you out. So here goes…

Some people think that they never have time to write (don’t get me wrong, some people just don’t immediately have the time), but you may not be assessing your situation (or you have a lack of motivation), maybe you think you might not be serious enough about your writing, or how you’ll use it. Let’s look at some steps that may help.


Take a look at your obligations. Is your writing getting in the way of your responsibilities? Maybe you have schoolwork and chores (or work). List what you are doing. Some people think they are much too busy for writing, but in reality, are just wasting time. Some people just write all the time and neglect other areas of their life.


This is where your family comes in. Few of us live life in a cave with excessive amounts of coffee (don’t know about the cave, but I do know that my fellow Elysian writers love coffee). We actually have other people that we live with and they might be expecting us to pitch in! And they might not realize how important writing is to you! Talk to them about what you are working to accomplish and what they are expecting from you.


Prioritizing might seem like the same thing as assessing, but let’s talk about what kind of writing you want to do. You may not know yet, depending on where you are at in your writing adventure. On YWW Brett and Jaquelle have talked about finding your writing niche. Essentially focusing on your specialty; the thing that makes you want to write. My advice to you is to find this and make it your priority.

Time management-

This is a crucial step for writing or anything else you ever want to get done. Setting aside a specific time helps with consistency and practice. This also applies to your other responsibilities. Your family needs to know when you need to write so they can give you some space. But they also need to know you are not neglecting the rest of life.


As we saw in the previous blog post by Bethany, all writers struggle with motivation. No matter what stage of the process they are in. If you give yourself a goal or deadline, start working on it a little at a time, well in advance. It is easier to get done in smaller parts, and then you aren’t working on it all the night before (hehe, oops)! Someone that will help you be accountable also helps with motivation. It’s harder to let other people down when they are counting on you.

Doing all of this takes effort and dedication. But, if you are truly passionate about writing, it is definitely worth it!

 Farewell until next time! Remember to give all these a shot (they just might work)!

Kirstie Rhys

Romans 15:13

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