Entrance to the Inspiration Archives

I have a confession to make. I am, in fact, one of those lazy un-diligent people who doesn't write on a regular basis or schedule. I am actually the kind of writer *gasp* who waits for inspiration to strike. I know, I know, writing at least weekly is a good thing to do, but I don't always get around to it. (Thanks for the tips, James.)

Anyways, as a professional wing-it writer, I am here to tell you about some of the best places to find writing inspiration.
(Speaking from personal experience, of course.)
Places to find inspiration:
So much history practically begging to be retold! Just imagine the stories buried in history, the voices that have been silenced, the words never said. You, my writer friend, can make them live again.
The joys of solivagant… (means wandering alone) imagine all the unknown creative faucets in your mind that aren't tapped into. Silence is sometimes what we need, and there is no better silence than the almost indiscernible hum of forest life. (Or the whispering of Ents.)
While traveling
The next time you climb into a car for an extended amount of time (aka road trip) don't just plug in earbuds and blank out. Take a while to imagine what's going on in the other cars passing by, or visualize how the scenery will transform in the next fifty years. Too many possibilities!
Things to glean inspiration from:
Cool pictures
Shadows sprawling out on the wall. Two eyes with a sinister glint. A meticulous row of sparkling clean beakers. Artistic photos (or aesthetic) are an amazing way to fire up the idea generator. Because Google searches can turn up some racy/dark/kid-unfriendly results, I've used Pinterest as my main resource. Ideas can be found at my personal inspiration board here: https://www.pinterest.com/amariswatje/inspiration-in-a-bottle/ (Pinterest board not a product of or endorsed by Writers Of Elysian blog)
The Bible
Want real gritty history? All right in there. I know that not everybody is a fan of Biblical fiction/retelling, but personally I enjoy them. To an extent.
Thematic objects
Okay, I know the title may sound kinda weird but really, I love incorporating symbolic objects into stories. Think about the Ring in Lord of The Rings. All the dreams and dread of Frodo emblemized in this circle of engraved gold. Personally, I have an obsession with light bulbs and shards and mirrors and beakers. Anything made out of glass, pretty much. These objects surface a lot in my stories. Think. What kind of things do you love? An animal, color, decoration, habitat, etc. Anything material that you just happen to like can be made into a story/chapter with a unique element in it that only you can give it.
Hope this helps, or at least gives you some ideas! Happy scribbling!


  1. These are sound, fun ideas for us "wing-it writers";) & catchy title, btw...love it!