Divinely Inspired: Preserving A Constant State of Inspiration

These days it’s hard to find inspiration to write. When I was younger, I could look at the first thing I saw, and a question would pop into my head. A little, ‘what if’ if you will. I could find inspiration in anyone and anything, it wasn’t hard for me, and I would always love to grab a paper and pencil and write for hours.

If only I still had that sort of determination. That inspiration and longing to get my words down, that constant spark of ideas and worlds, fantasy and fiction. Nowadays I find it hard to write at all, let alone do it filled with inspiration, to the degree in which sparks fly from my pen. For those of you who have been writing since childhood, you likely know what I mean. There’s something about writing young, you never cease to see the inspiration in everything.
But the likelihood is, you’re not a child-author reading this. You’re a serious writer, maybe even an adult, and you need inspiration.
We all like to sit around and wait for that moment when something clicks within us, that moment when our muse pokes us repeatedly until we respond. Those moments are far and between, however, and because of this most of us aren’t writing as much as we should be. No one likes writing uninspired, it’s at best dull, and at worst, impossible. Of course, if you can force yourself to just get the words started, usually you can give yourself a little push into the plains of inspiration.
Most of us, however, simply do not have the determination to do such a thing, there are a billion other things we have to or would rather be doing. To become a disciplined writing is to become an inspired one. But how to find inspiration where there is none? The past few weeks I’ve really struggled with this, writing on and off, sticking to my goals and responsibilities of daily life. Last weekend I solved my own personal formula for inspiration, and hopefully, by sharing it, you will too.
I’ve been slowly building up my anger levels due to the fact that I can NEVER find the files I need for writing certain scenes of my book. Where did I put that chapter outline? I can’t find the map of the Rakta province! Great, I lost my Pre-Book History form. Joy to the world. Finally, last Saturday, I lost my world map and exploded. I grabbed a box of tacks and then commenced to pin every last important book-related document I possess up on the wall. The stuff I need more often I placed lower down (I’m pretty short, so I needed it at eye level) and when I was done, I looked at the wall and felt my muse tapping my shoulder, begging me to sit down and get writing.

Writing is everything to me. Nothing can put me into the mood to write like a good song with meaningful lyrics, a whimsical image, or better yet, my own words, typed and printed on paper with little notes in the margins. When the wall was done I tapped on spotify and cranked up ‘Far Beyond the Stars’ by Denny Schneidemesser, an instrumental that never fails to bring me to tears, full of inspiration every note and rhythm speak to me of my book, my world, my characters. I turned on that song, and I sat on my bed, and I stared.
I sat there for six full minutes, staring at that wall. And when the song was done playing, and my eyes ceased to wander, I realized that I wanted to hold that feeling forever. The feeling of inspiration, beauty, fantasy, wonder. The feeling can only be described honestly as Elysian. It caused my heart to skip with excitement, which was concerning at the time because the exhilaration was a bit wildly much. It was excitement nonetheless, and my hand was shaking as I grabbed my notebook and started scribbling down ideas. Thought after thought flowed onto my paper in a thick stream of words and garbled sentences that no one would understand but me. Even as I slowed my hand and stopped writing, the feeling stuck. I was so inspired that I power up my laptop and got to work on a chapter of my book that has been bugging me for weeks.
That feeling stayed with me, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, specifically, 1:47 AM Monday night, when I layed down to sleep finally after writing for hours, drawing maps, and of course, finalizing the OFFICIAL (Oh Yeah) titles of all five books in The Redemption Chronicles (Will be posting more on that in my ‘sneak peek’ section of the ‘Our Writing’ tab).
I laid down, exhausted but excited, feeling pretty darn efficient and proud of myself, when I was struck with the lightening bolt of horror.
Panicked I got up to grab my laptop and write it, even in the frenzied state that I was my inspiration was happy to get working again. At least it was until I climbed out of bed. Needless to say, it was cold, I was tired and I really needed to get some sleep. School comes first. I told myself. I lay awake for like half an hour completely ashamed of myself for having forgotten. I set my alarm for 6:45 AM, telling myself I would write it as soon as I got up.
When the alarm went off, so did my brain. I mashed the sleep button and did exactly that. Until 9 as a matter of fact. I bolted out of bed, rushed to make breakfast, and barely made it to class on time. Unfortunately, I glanced my wall when I woke up, and my inspiration tackled me from behind. I wanted to write! I wanted to think about my amazing writing group and awesome blog and I wanted to write!
So I did the taboo and wrote in between raised hands and demonstrations. And when class finished I was so relieved that my muse could tackle this post that I think I broke my WPM record for typing. Inspiration isn’t hard to come by anymore, and while I’m sure over time my muse will no longer see that wall as its ‘Bat Signal’, I know I’ll find another way to get my inspiration back. Because no matter what I’m doing, writing has always been in the back of my mind, wall or no wall.
Writing is a part of me, and it’s a part of you. We may not find inspiration in the same way, but I think inspiration can find us no matter what, we just have to be open to it. Of course, it helps if you have some awesome artwork and noted pinned up on your wall; and hey, if you have an amazing group of friends and a magnificent blog to get back to, you’re going to write. I mean just thinking about Writers of Elysian sends me into an excited writing tizzy. But whatever is important to you, whatever song or image or quote or whatever it is that inspires you, you should make a habit of looking back, every now and again, at what it is that made you want to write in the first place, and ask yourself: Why?
Why does that song send chills up my spine? Why does my heart beat so fast when I see that paper full of words, words I created? Ask yourself why, and whenever you find yourself uninspired, look back at what you’ve seen, and ask yourself why again. The answer will likely come to you as it comes to me, in the form of a mug of tea, an open notebook, and a pen.
And of course, that little muse, tapping your shoulder excitedly, begging you to stop what you’re doing, and write. Write like your life depends on it. Like there is no tomorrow, like your words are magic. Because it does, there isn’t, and they are. Just write, and keep doing what inspires you.
Until the Dimming of the Stars, My Beloved Readers.
Bethany H. Vela


  1. Agh. These are beautiful words, my friend. And ones that I am taking deep to heart, wow. "Write like your life depends on it. Like there is tomorrow, like your words are magic." Wow.

  2. I don't suppose we'll get to see a picture of this wonderful wall of yours??

    1. And it was a wonderful article Bethany! I admire the frankness and beauty of your words

  3. Great. Now I'll have to find my inspiration. Funny thing is, i usually have the msot fun with battle scenes....
    p.s. beautiful writing as usual.